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Blepharoplasty Houston, TX

More commonly known as Eyelid Surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Surgery can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids, or both. Whether you want to improve your appearance or are experiencing functional problems with your eyelids, our Houston blepharoplasty plastic surgeon can restore a youthful appearance and rejuvenate the area surrounding your eyes.

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Benefits of Blepharoplasty

Fewer Fine Lines

Having fewer individual lines, with the lifting of each lid many patients will show a considerable decrease in the number of lines. Receiving a Blepharoplasty can have youthful effects on the skin, similar to a chemical peel.

No More Bags

Often time-related to lack of sleep. Often appearing as dark circles around the eye. Receiving a lower eyelid lift removes those baggy areas by eliminating excess skin and tissue below the eye.

Improved Vision

If suffering from a heavy upper eyelid which can cause drooping of the upper eyelid, it can cause some concern. The excess skin and tissue cause the eyebrow to possibly impair your visual perception. With the removal of the excess, a patient’s forehead can give a great deal of comfort due to now having to constantly raise the upper lid for proper visibility.

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“PHENOMENAL RESULTS! To say that Dr. Schusterman did a great job would be an understatement. My results are BEYOND what I had hoped for! Everything about my experience went smoothly. If you are considering a facial procedure, or any procedure for that matter, be assured that he is the one to do it! My life has completely changed. Thank you!”

— Laura K.

“It was a great experience! I highly recommend Dr.Schusterman, I’m happy and very satisfied with my results and will likely return for my future cosmetic work! Dr.Schusterman and all his Staff were extremely helpful making me feel better and comfortable with my recovery.”

- Tyna S.

“I typically don't review but because I am beyond satisfied with my surgery I will be more than happy to brag about Dr. Schusterman and his office staff!! I must say that my consultation was a breath of fresh air as all the staff was super sweet and very professional! Everyone I encountered was extremely nice and very informative.”

- Kim O.

Blepharoplasty Post-Op Recovery

Postoperative pain is usually mild and relieved with oral medications. Sutures are removed within the first week of surgery. Swelling and bruising will subside in a few weeks; it is important to elevate the head while sleeping. You may resume exercise within three weeks.

Within 10 to 14 days, most people return to work or social situations and feel comfortable in public with makeup covering incision lines. Scars will be either on the inside of your eyelid or hidden in the crease and typically fade very quickly. Of course, as with any major medical procedure, there are certain risks associated with blepharoplasty or any surgical center. We strive to offer the best blepharoplasty Houston has to offer, so talk to Dr. Schusterman and he can answer any questions you may have during your consultation. If you are interested in blepharoplasty, and you would like to learn more, contact our office at 713-794-0368 or email us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schusterman.

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