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Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Houston, TX

Sometimes after childbirth or due to aging, changes can occur in the vaginal area.

You may experience excessive dryness, lack of elasticity or urinary incontinence. There may also be a lack of sensitivity and decreased sexual satisfaction. Viveve is a cutting-edge treatment that can provide quick and effective results for a variety of vaginal conditions.

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What is Viveve?

The Viveve System is a cryogen-cooled monopolar, radiofrequency (RF) energy delivery system. Controlled-cooling protects the tissue surfaces from any damage and allows for greater penetration of the RF energy. RF consistently and safely delivers rejuvenating energy deep into the tissue.

The Viveve Treatment works via a small probe which emits cryogen-cooling to protect the tissue and radiofrequency waves to heat the tissue. This prompts the production of new collagen to reinvigorate the tissue.

Viveve Benefits

After receiving treatment for vaginal rejuvenation in Houston with the use of Viveve you may experience several benefits.

Viveve can stimulate the production of both elastin and collagen which can tighten tissues within the vaginal canal. The procedure can also tighten external areas such as the labia. This can lessen wrinkling and provide an overall improvement in skin tone.

Using Viveve can increase blood flow, which can improve sexual sensitivity after treatment. According to Pregnancy.com, one in three women who have given birth will experience urinary incontinence. Houston vaginal rejuvenation can help reduce leakage and general problems with incontinence.

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What Can You Expect from Vaginal Rejuvenation in Houston?

Before having the procedure you would have a consultation with a qualified physician to discuss expectations and how to customize your specific treatment. During treatment, a hand-held device would be inserted directly into the vaginal area.

This means you can expect precise delivery of heat and energy that can pinpoint specific areas. Viveve is proven to be safe and effective. You may, however, experience a slight discomfort when the device is initially inserted.

Some women will notice a difference after only one treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Most will experience results after the second treatment. You may also continue to see ongoing results in the weeks following the procedure.

There is normally no downtime after completing the procedure and you’ll be able to resume most activities immediately after treatment. For optimal results it’s normally recommended to receive three treatments.

If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort, incontinence or other related symptoms, Viveve can lessen these conditions while improving the appearance of the vaginal area. The procedure is both effective and safe while providing immediate results. You can experience less discomfort, improve sexual functioning and boost your self-esteem with the use of Viveve.

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