4 Different Types Of Plastic Surgeons

When you hear the term ‘plastic surgeon’, you usually associate them with the surgeons who practice plastic surgery to make you look years younger and beautiful. Women turn to plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and liposuction to transform their looks and look beautiful. Some women also opt for non-invasive cosmetic procedures like injections, laser skin resurfacing and facial fillers to improve their skin.

Plastic surgeons are divided based on their area of expertise. Some surgeons are specialists at facial procedures, some at implants and some at body contouring. This is why you should carefully and wisely choose the best plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery.

1. Facial procedures

There are surgeons who specialize in facial procedures like rhinoplasty, face lift surgery and blepharoplasty. Rhinoplasty is nasal reshaping and helps create a balance between facial features.

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that improves the look of puffy or droopy eyes by removing excess skin and fat pockets form the upper and lower eye regions. Face lifts help tighten the facial structures and trims off excess skin to give smooth and tighter skin with visually reduced wrinkles.

2. Body contouring

There are surgeons who specialize in body contouring procedures like tummy tucksliposuction and post-bariatric body lifts. During a tummy tuck, sagging skin and fat is removed from the abdomen to tighten loose muscles and create a smooth and flat surface.

Liposuction involves inserting a thin, stainless steel tube through a tiny incision to break up and vacuum away fat deposits on problem body areas. Post-bariatric body lifts remove and tighten all the sagging and loose folds of skin that develop around the body after extreme weight loss, to give an even and smooth body tone.

3. Implant specialists

Some plastic surgeons specialize in implants like breast implants and facial implants for the lip, chin and cheek. By inserting breast implants in breast augmentation surgery, saline or silicone implants are inserted to enlarge the breasts or restore the breast volume after pregnancy, mastectomy or extreme weight loss.

Facial implants are solid materials that are inserted under the skin to improve the natural shape of the face to give a symmetrical and defined structure. Other types of implants these surgeons can insert are buttock implants and calf implants that help enhance and define a woman’s physique. You can also opt for a fat injection alternative to butt implants like a Brazilian butt lift.

4. Non-surgical procedures

There are surgeons who specialize in non-surgical procedures like injections, laser skin resurfacing and facial fillers. Injections like Botox creates a smooth appearance to the skin while facial fillers like collagen is injected into the lips to give full lips. Laser skin resurfacing uses laser to remove damaged, wrinkles and pigmented skin layer by layer to give smoother and tauter skin.

Choose your surgeon wisely

You thus have to wisely choose your surgeon based on the type of surgery or cosmetic procedure you need to undergo. It is always better to choose a physician who has completed at least 5 years of specialized surgical training, is board certified and operates only in an accredited medical facility. It is always better to consult with various physicians to find one you are comfortable with.

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