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VI Derm Products in Houston, TX

The essence of great health begins with how well you take care of your skin.

The skin (epidermis) is the largest living organ on our bodies, and we abuse it every day. We are susceptible to our environment, pollution damaging, sun exposure, sun damage, drugs, medications, and smoking that can leave our skin and face with a dull, aged appearance.

As we age, our skin shows a cumulative response to our life's experiences, and how well we have taken care of it, shows. The disparage is how we age, typically shows up by about our 25th high school reunion. How is it that some people look like they never age? Well, for some people, it's genetics. They are naturally disposed of aging more slowly than the rest of us. Aging is different for everyone, and you can control the effects of aging by doing the things we've been told since we were little: get sleep, eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke, or if you do - stop, and don't forget to moisturize. Some of these helpful tidbits are easier said than done. Dr. Schusterman of Houston makes it easier to defy the effects of aging with the VI Derm Products.

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What are VI Derm Products?

The VI Derm products are a combination of skincare products, Dr. Schusterman can recommend to you during your consultation. Whether you are considering a VI Peel treatment or a Clearlift Laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure, it is crucial to have a skincare regimen. Take a look at the following recommended VI Derm products:

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