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The Bright Side of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing has changed over the decades. With the new technology and techniques being used, it is growing in popularity because of the fantastic results in removing facial scars, wrinkles, acne, chickenpox scars, and other facial trauma. Laser resurfacing removes skin layers to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a skin rejuvenation treatment using laser technology to diminish the look of scars and facial flaws and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. The following types of lasers are used:

Ablative laser

The ablative laser removes the skin’s outer layer and heats the underlying layer to stimulate and promote collagen growth.

Non-ablative laser

The non-ablative laser does not remove the outer layer. Instead, it works deep in the dermis to stimulate collagen to improve skin tone and texture. Dr. Schusterman wants to ensure you receive the best laser skin resurfacing Houston has to offer, and will determine which laser treatment is most suitable for your treatment areas.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

We want to ensure you experience the most comfortable laser skin resurfacing Houston can offer. Therefore, it’s crucial to discuss your medical history with Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Schusterman and especially disclose if you are prone to cold sores or the herpes virus around the mouth, as laser skin resurfacing may cause an outbreak. Antiviral medication can be provided beforehand to prevent outbreaks after treatment.


Performed as an outpatient procedure, you will be given either local or intravenous anesthesia, so it is important you have someone to drive you home. The treatment will take 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the areas of treatment and the number of layers needing to be resurfaced.

During ablative laser skin resurfacing Houston patients will have a high-intensity light beam (laser) directed at the area of skin being treated. The laser beam disrupts your skin’s outer layer while heating the underlying skin to stimulate collagen production. A non-ablative laser skin resurfacing is a treatment that works under the skin, much like Clearlift Laser Skin Rejuvenation. This treatment works to stimulate and rebuild the collagen to support the skin by adding volume and tightening loose skin, making Clearlift a popular choice for a pain-free facial rejuvenation treatment.

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After your laser skin resurfacing treatment, it may take 10-21 days for the skin to heal completely. It is vital for you to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and to minimize your sun exposure. Dr. Schusterman will provide you with a specific post-treatment care plan to ensure positive and beautiful results lasting for 7-10 years.


Post-treatment, you will need to wait for about 7-10 days before returning to daily activities. Your skin will be ‘raw’ and pink. Once your skin is less inflamed, you will use the cream Dr. Schusterman prescribed to help hide any redness.

Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQs

While your face or treated areas are healing, your skin will be drier and feel a little tighter, making the skin look wrinkled. However, this is temporary until any swelling subsides.

Pain tolerance is subjective. What some patients deem as painful, others may consider it as no pain or just a little uncomfortable. The sound and feel of the lasers, some say, is comparable to the snapping of a rubber band against your skin.

The number of treatments you need depends on the area and what you need to be done. Dr. Schusterman will assess your treatment plan, and if future treatments are necessary, they are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks from each other to allow the treated area to heal.

Any cosmetic procedure may carry some risks, but complications are rare. Potential risks may include bacterial infection, skin pigmentation changes, scarring, burns, reactivating cold sores, or herpes around the mouth area.

The cost will vary with each patient and depends on the number of areas needing treatment. Dr. Schusterman will discuss if your situation requires more than one treatment. Financing options are available if needed.

Laser skin resurfacing is an elective treatment and is not covered by insurance. You can call your insurance provider to check, but there are affordable payment options for you if not.

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