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Saline Implants Houston, TX

If you’re considering a breast enhancement procedure, you’ll need to make several choices about your health and appearance. We believe that everyone is unique, and therefore have the right to make decisions based on their own preferences and lifestyle goals.

At Texas Center for Breast and Body we listen to your concerns, and then draw on our medical experience as board-certified plastic surgeons to make recommendations to suit each situation. This is why Dr. Schusterman works with a variety of breast implants, including saline breast implants for augmentation surgeries.

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Saline Breast Implants for a Fuller, More Youthful Bust

Saline breast implants, like silicone implants, are made from a silicone shell, but these implants are inserted empty. Once they are in place, Dr. Schusterman uses a tube and a sterile saline solution to fill the implants to the pre-determined size, finally sealing the shell and suturing the incision site.

The result is an implant with a rounder shape, rather than a teardrop formation. The main reason that women still choose saline implants in large numbers is because the incision required to insert the empty shells is smaller than the one needed to place a fully formed silicone implant. Over time, your surgeon can also add more saline to adjust the size and shape of the implant as needed without a surgical procedure.

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

Some women feel that saline implants don’t look or feel as natural as other silicone-based options. There may also be a slightly higher chance of an implant rupture, although the sterile saline solution is incredibly safe, even in the event of a leak.

In fact, the FDA has approved saline implants in women as young as 18 years of age, while the minimum age to receive silicone implants of any kind is 22. Compare saline breast implants with the information on silicone breast implants and gummy bear implants on our website, or contact us directly to schedule a consultation appointment and ask specific questions you may have about your body.

Risks of Saline Implants

Saline implants are used in thousands of surgical augmentation procedures throughout the United States. The vast majority of surgeries are very successful, so the overall risks are not significantly different from other breast implant types.

Saline implants can, on rare occasions, rupture or leak. In most cases, saline implants last at least as long as other materials, especially since this type of implant can be refilled.

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