4 Tips for Getting the Best Eyelid Surgery Results

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is used by men and women to quickly look younger without a full-fledged facelift.  It accomplishes this by eliminating the tired look associated with having extra skin (sagging) or fat (bags) around the eyes.  There are a number of different strategies which plastic surgeons use in order to help you look and feel younger following blepharoplasty surgery. Like all forms of plastic surgery, results will vary based upon how skilled your board-certified surgeon is.  Eyelid surgery in particular requires a heightened attention to detail and some fine tuning throughout the procedure.  When discussing possible blepharoplasty techniques prior to your surgery, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to get the younger, fresher appearance you desire.

Improving the Results of Your Upper Lids

Avoid Taking a Lot of Fat From the Central-Upper Lid

Nothing will make you look older than an A-frame deformity.  This is what happens when the plastic surgeon removes too much fat from the central area of your eyelid.  Instead of removing fat, sculpting the upper lid will make the results look as beautiful as possible without the risk of an A-frame deformity.

Men and Women Must Be Treated Differently

Female patients often have significant lateral pulling.  To remedy this, the incision may need to extend a little farther than the orbital rim.  The outside of the orbital rim is the traditional stopping point for eyelid surgery incisions.  This is because a shorter incision may promote a continuation of lateral pulling beyond the orbital rim.  On the other hand, shorter incisions are ideal for men in order to minimize the appearance of a scar.  Women are much more tolerant of a longer incision because they can cover up the scar until it heals using makeup and certain fashionable hairstyles.  Plus, men can easily get away with some additional pulling around the eye and still appear younger.

Improving the Results of Your Lower Lids

Never Have Too Much Fat Removed

When treating the bags under your eyes, it is a common reaction to want as much fat removed as possible.  Unfortunately, this strategy can actually make you look older.  When all of the fat is removed, your eyes can take on a hollow, sunken appearance.

Remain Awake During Your Lower Lip Procedure

If at all possible, try to remain awake during the surgery on your lower eyelid.  Of course, you will still be under a local anesthesia to prevent pain.  The benefit of staying awake is that it will make it easier for your plastic surgeon to determine exactly how much skin to remove.  If your eyes are completely closed throughout the entire procedure, there’s a good chance that not enough skin will be removed.  Only by keeping them open will your surgeon know exactly how much skin can be removed.

As with all cosmetic surgeries, everyone requires something a little bit different.  This makes choosing a skilled, board-certified Houston cosmetic surgeon essential.  The purpose of an eyelid surgery is to help you look and feel younger, but a mistake will significantly marginalize the aesthetic results.  In some cases it can actually make you look older.  The best plastic surgeons not only have the surgical training required to effectively carry out an eyelid surgery, but also the artistic skill and experience to ensure that you get the best possible results.

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