5 Benefits of Breast Reduction

When your breasts are extremely large, especially when in proportion to the overall size of your body, you may experience a variety of physical and emotional discomfort. Chronic health conditions can even result from large breasts. Breast reduction, which is also called mammoplasty, removes excess breast tissue and skin. There are several benefits of having breast reduction.

1. Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Back pain is often the result of strained ligaments and muscles. If you have large breasts this could be the cause of chronic back pain. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Schusterman says this may also affect your ability to sleep, forcing you to change positions throughout the night to accommodate the large size of your breasts. According to Everyday Health, the weight of large breasts on the back can even lead to spinal deformity. Large breasts can not only contribute to back pain, but to increased pain and discomfort throughout the neck and shoulder area. Breast reduction surgery will make your breasts lighter, more even, and can reduce or completely eliminate back and neck pain.

2. Improve Posture

There is usually a link between back pain due to large breasts and poor posture. Because of the strain on the back muscles and the pain that accompanies it, you may slouch more often. Breasts that are uneven in size may also contribute to poor or uneven posture. Over time poor posture can lead to health problems such as constricted nerves and blood vessels. Muscle & Fitness states that the benefits of good posture include better breathing, improved circulation and a healthier spine. Good posture can even make you look younger. Your posture should begin to improve shortly after the surgery. Your body will begin to feel more balanced and you’ll experience the positive effects of having better posture.

3. Increase Participation in Activities

Being able to dance, exercise or engage in a variety of sports without discomfort or awkwardness is a definite advantage of breast reduction. After breast reduction you’ll likely be surprised by how many new activities you can take part in that you previously avoided. You’ll probably discover that there is less discomfort and awkwardness doing many of the things you did before. Being able to finally engage in a greater variety and intensity of physical activity will ultimately improve your overall health.

4. Reduce Skin Irritation

The chafing and redness that often occurs between and under large breasts can cause extreme irritation and soreness. Sometimes the skin will break and bleeding can occur. Broken skin under the breast can lead to bacterial or viral infections. reports that even the growth of different types of fungus can also be a problem if you have large breasts. Fungi can easily grow in moist, dark areas and can be transferred to other areas on the body by the fingers after itching. Breast reduction can eliminate a variety of skin irritation and infections. Even more minor skin problems, such as indentations from bra straps along the shoulders, should diminish or be completely gone after completing surgery.

5. Improve Self-Confidence

Undergoing a breast reduction procedure can definitely improve your confidence. You’ll no longer instinctively hunch over or cross your arms in an attempt to hide your chest. Being able to engage in activities without being self-conscious will help you to feel more comfortable and raise your self-esteem. You will likely be able to expand your clothing options and feel more attractive in everything you wear. The mental and emotional benefits of having breast reduction surgery may be as important as the physical benefits.

Reducing pain, improving posture and becoming more active are all great benefits of having breast reduction. Even though it may be a few weeks before the swelling completely subsides, the results of the procedure are immediate. Before undergoing surgery it’s important to find a qualified surgeon who is experienced in performing breast reduction procedures.

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