5 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

Many talk about wanting bigger breasts, but did you know a significant number of people actually want smaller breasts? A Houston plastic surgery procedure known as a breast reduction achieves this result. Patients choose it for many different reasons. If any of these reasons sound familiar to you, then breast reduction may be right for you.

1. Back Problems

Large breasts can cause a domino effect of back problems. Your back hurts so your posture becomes worse, which in turn causes your back to hurt even more! The thick bras you have to wear could leave painful marks on your back from the pressure your large chest exerts on them. Breasts as small as a D cup could cause you pain, especially in the neck and upper back. Sure, there are special bras that might work or physical therapy exercises you could do, but a breast reduction is a more permanent solution to chronic pain caused by big breasts.

2. Exercising

Exercising with big breasts  is often difficult — especially if you are trying to get your high impact cardio. If you have a larger chest you know that finding the perfect sports bra — or combination of multiple sports bras — is a game. If you are able to find a combination that works you probably buy multiples of the same kind just in case they go out of production! Just because a sports bra works doesn’t mean it is necessarily comfortable. Sure, one way to make your breasts smaller would be to exercise and lose a bit of weight, but how can you do that when it is your breasts that make that hard in the first place?

3. Your Wardrobe

This is a specific problem to anyone who is on the larger size, but especially for people who have large breasts in proportion to the rest of the body. It’s hard for people with a big chest to find clothes that fit properly. Sure, pants and skirts may fit just fine, but finding a dress with the right proportions — or even harder — a button down shirt that doesn’t gap at the center is just plain difficult. Unless you’ve got a lot of extra time to spend at the tailor, a breast reduction may be the best option to fit into everything you’ve always wanted to wear.

4. Gender Identity

Some people just don’t feel that great about having breasts in general. Whether you don’t exactly identify as a woman or you just want to appear more androgynous, your gender identity is a perfectly valid reason to get a breast reduction. It should be noted that breast reduction doesn’t fully remove breasts, but you can talk with your surgeon about different options to get the appearance that you would like.

5. Feel Better About Your Body

You deserve to feel great about yourself and with most plastic surgery, wanting to feel better about yourself could be a great motivation for getting a breast reduction. A large chest can bring a lot of unwanted attention and while a big pair of breasts is one person’s dream, it can be someone else’s nightmare. If going to the beach in a bikini sounds like torture to you due to your chest size, then a breast reduction may be the perfect thing for you.

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