5 Tummy Tuck Myths You Should Know About

Most people are of the impression that a tummy tuck Houston is a minor procedure with a short recovery period. Some think that they need not diet or exercise to flatten their stomach after a tummy tuck. However all this is not true. In fact, as there is so much of misinformation about this surgical procedure, here are some of the common tummy tuck myths demystified.

Myth no.1: It’s possible to get rid of a flabby stomach with diet and exercise.

This myth arises because not many know what the tummy tack can actually do. This surgery is meant for fit patients who eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight as no exercise can help tighten loose skin which does not have much elasticity.

While it’s possible to control your overall weight loss, it is not easy burning fat on specific body parts. It is when healthy people need help in getting rid of this stubborn fat that they turn to a tummy tuck for help.

Myth no.2: Only women undergo tummy tucks.

This is not true as even men can undergo an abdominoplasty surgery, especially if he has lost so much of weight that he is left with saggy and droopy skin and stubborn fat. Like women, he is considered a good candidate for a tummy tuck if he is healthy, has a stable weight and is a non-smoker.

Myth no.3: Tummy tucks include liposuction.

While liposuction in Houston is at times used during a tummy tuck for additional sculpting of waistline and surrounding areas, it is not included in the procedure. You have to discuss the fat spots you want to address and your Houston plastic surgeon will decide which parts of your abdomen can be smoothened with an abdominoplasty and if liposuction is used to achieve your desired results. Of course, including liposuction in a tummy tuck affects the cost and risks of the surgery.

Myth no.4: Tummy tucks help remove stretch marks.

This is not true as an abdominoplasty only removes stretches on the lower abdomen, depending on how large and extensive the marks are. There is no point in removing more skin than necessary just to remove stretch marks.
While improving your stomach’s contour is the main aim of an abdominoplasty, you should consult with your doctor who will decide which parts of your skin will be removed and which remains after surgery.

Myth no.5: The best time to have a tummy tuck is during a C-section.

It is not at all advisable to undergo a tummy tuck or any cosmetic surgery at the end of a pregnancy, when you weigh the most and your abdominal skin and muscles are stretched out of shape. Any surgeon who attempts to remove skin and excess fat in such conditions cannot tell what the results will be like when you heal.

Let your body return to its own before you undergo a tummy tuck surgery as the fewer changes made during the abdominoplasty, the better the chances of an aesthetically good outcome.

Moreover, a tummy tuck and c-section do not overlap and are not similar. As it is you are weak after your delivery and will find it difficult recovering from two major surgeries instead of one.

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