6 Plastic Surgery Myths Dispelled

Plastic surgery has grown immensely in popularity across the world where an increasing number of people undergo some form of plastic surgery or the other.

6 Plastic Surgery Myths

Though plastic surgery is successful most of the time, there are still some people who are apprehensive about undergoing plastic surgery because of these myths:

Myth #1: Cosmetic surgeons are similar to Plastic surgeons.

Fact: This is not true as anyone with a medical license, who has no training in plastic surgery can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. However plastic surgeons have to get certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to prove that they are fully trained in plastic surgery of the face and body. Surgeons have to undergo 6 to 9 years of training to get this training and pass a rigorous written and 2-day oral exam.

Myth #2: It is better getting a fat injection than implants for breast augmentation.

Fact: Though fat injection or fat transfer breast augmentation is very popular, it is still in the experimental phase. Moreover, the process takes longer, and these methods for a breast lift without implants are more expensive than a breast augmentation surgery with implants. To top it all, as about 50-80% of fat is taken in fat injection and it is rather difficult to predict the size and symmetry you achieve between breasts.

Myth #3: The fat returns some other place after liposuction.

Fact: This is not true as both fat and fat cells are removed from the body during liposuction. The fat thus will not come back, unless you consume more calories than you burn. However if you do gain weight, more fat is accumulated as the number of fat cells in the problem areas have been reduced.

Myth #4: Laser liposuction is the best fat removal option.

Fact: This is not necessarily true as laser liposuction uses laser probes only to dissolve fat. The dissolved fat still has to be sucked out using a liposuction cannula. It thus proves that laser liposuction is not better than other methods.

Myth #5: Botox is unsafe to undergo as it creates a ‘frozen face’ look.

Fact: This is not true as Botox is highly purified and a safe product to use. It does not cause botulism. In fact, injections given by a trained and experienced professional looks very natural. On the contrary, overdosing can lead to droopy eyelids and ‘frozen face’ look, which is the reason why an experienced doctor should administer the Botox injection.

Myth #6: Silicone breast implants are unsafe.

Fact: Studies have proven that both saline and silicone breast implants are safe, and do not cause any known diseases. While some people fear that silicone implants will leak, the latest gummy bear breast implants are very durable, with only a 1% leak rate.

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