8 Myths Surrounding Botox

Botox is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment administered by physicians to temporarily smoothen wrinkles. It takes ten minutes of your time and some injections to find an improvement in your wrinkle condition that may last 4 months.

What BOTOX Cosmetic actually does is reduce the activity of muscles that create wrinkles because of repetitive muscular movements. Though botox is very popular and high in demand, there are still some myths surrounding botox and botox injections.

1. The first myth is that botox injections can distort your facial expressions. This is possible if botox injections are administered in salons or mall stores because of an overdose or a misdirected injection. This is why botox injections should be administered only by qualified physicians.

2. Myth number two is that botox injections are toxic for the body. This is partly true as botox is a basically purified protein of botulinum, a serious form of food poisoning. However, its safety is assured with its pinpoint administration only to a certain group of muscles.

3. Myth number three; botox is addictive. This is untrue as botox does not create any physiological addiction. Its effects are also not permanent and last between 3-6 months. If any addiction does arise, it’s because as botox makes you look younger, you wish to have another injection to maintain these looks.

4. The fourth myth is that botox causes stress to muscles. This is basically the opposite in real life as botox helps the muscles relax.

5. The next myth states that botox injections are painful. On the contrary, they are practically painless. In fact, these injections are compared to a mosquito bite.

6. It is said that you can get botox injections only after 30. However, it is safe to use these injections even on 18-year-old people. In fact, it is better and easier to tackle wrinkle problems at an early age while the skin is soft.

7. Botox injections are said to be effective only for treating facial lines. This is not true as botox injections are also used for treating writer’s cramp, facial spasms, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and dystonias or movement disorders. It is also used for treating chronic neck and back pain, blepharospasm or involuntary facial movements, depression, and strabismus or crossed eyes.

8. The next myth is that botox will poison the body. Like any drug, if administered in the right amounts, botox is safe as over time, the administered botox is naturally eliminated by the body. However, too much of botox can be dangerous to your health.

Now that all these botox myths have been cleared, and your fears of botox are eliminated, nothing should stop you from getting your botox injections to look younger with the elimination of wrinkles.

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