Acne Laser Treatment Has Become the Elite Treatment Option

Laser acne treatment has quickly become recognized as one of the most effective treatments for moderate to severe acne.  Are you one of the 40 to 50 million Americans suffering from acne outbreaks?  Recent innovations, such as the Harmony XL AFT laser treatment are proving to be more effective than traditional antibiotics and topical creams.

The Lowdown on Acne Laser Treatment

In the past, your options were limited to antibiotics, topical creams, and cosmetic practices such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion to treat tough acne outbreaks.  Recent studies have shown that laser treatment has now become the clear winner.  Clinical studies have reported that laser treatments can clear your acne 3 times faster than both antibiotics and in-home topical creams.  It also boasts a consistent 80% clearance rate, which is far higher than any of the alternatives.  Currently, a full-course of laser acne treatment will consist of an average of 8 treatments over a period of 4 weeks (2 per week).  The best part is that an entire treatment can be taken care of in a matter of minutes.

Why is Laser Acne Treatment So Much More Effective?

There are a variety of benefits that laser acne treatment provides for your skin in the battle against acne and future outbreaks.  Many of these benefits cannot be duplicated by other traditional treatment methods.

Laser Acne Treatment Reduce Oil Production

The American Academy of Dermatology has noted several studies which clearly demonstrate how effective laser technology has become at targeting your oil producing glands.  Throughout the treatment, your oil glands will slowly start to slow down oil production as they become healthier.

Boost Skin Regeneration

Another benefit of laser treatments is that they can proactively improve the appearance of your skin.  One of the biggest obstacles of many people once their acne has cleared is regaining healthy looking skin.  Lasers create micro-punctures in your skin through the treatment.  As these microscopic wounds begin to heal, the surface is replaced by fresh, healthy skin.

Control Inflammation Caused by Bacteria

One of the reasons prescription strength antibiotics are often provided to those suffering from severe acne breakouts is to help control the underlying bacteria.  Laser treatment reaches the deepest layers of your skin which allows them to target the acne causing bacteria and reducing the inflammation that it causes.

Reduce the Appearance of Scars and Broken Blood Vessels

This is accomplished in two phases.  First, the acne laser treatment will help control your breakouts so that the risk of scarring or broken blood vessels is minimized.  Second, lasers can treat scars and broken blood vessels which have already appeared.  A number of studies have noted that laser therapies, such as fractional laser resurfacing, can decrease scar tissue.  This is accomplished by targeting the damaged skin, while leaving the healthier surrounding skin untouched.  This boosts collagen production and creates an environment for healthy wound healing, which is vital to reducing scars.  Laser treatments have also been shown to be effective at treating broken blood vessels, most often found in rosacea patients.

Enjoy the Benefits of Acne Laser Treatment

It doesn’t matter if you are currently suffering an outbreak or are looking to remove the evidence of previous severe acne, such as permanent scaring, acne laser treatments can help.  The best part is that laser technology has advanced to the point where you can gain all of these benefits with a few short sessions over a period of weeks.

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