All you need to know about laser hair removal

If you are thinking of undergoing laser hair removal, remember that it is an expensive procedure that is best done only after you know the facts of laser hair removal. So here is all that you should know about laser hair removal before undergoing it.

The best candidates are those with dark hair and light skin. Though there are devices that work on people with light hair and dark skin, they are not so effective at complete hair removal.

In laser hair removal, pulsed light is used to target, break down and destroy the melanin or dark pigmentation of hair during the growing phase of hair growth.

Don’t expect to find hair falling off immediately after laser hair removal. Hair usually falls off within 10 – 14 days of the procedure. You could use a scrub on the 10 day to help exfoliate and remove hair.

As laser hair removal can target several follicles at once, you can treat large areas at a go. However in case of hair removal in the upper lip and chin, its better to opt for electrolysis, especially if you have blond hair.

One session of laser hair removal is not enough to remove your hair; you need to undergo 4-6 sessions once a month for 80% reduction in hair growth. For best results, you could also get annual maintenance treatments for a few years.

Results after laser hair removal are not the same for everyone as some people may notice re-growth after a few months or years time while there are some people who never have to shave after the process.
Based on the type of laser your doctor will use for your hair removal, you’d be advised to either shave the day before the treatment or three days before it.

The most pain most people feel during the process is the pain of rubber band popping against their skin. However different machines perform differently and some areas hurt more than others. This is why it’s generally better to take some ibuprofen before the session or to numb the skin using 4% lidocaine spray or cream half an hour before the session.

Laser hair removal is not cheap; it costs anything between $200 and $2000 without tax and tip, and is based on the body part to be treated.

Last, but not least, have your hair removed at a recognized laser hair removal clinic to ensure you don’t suffer from any side effects or complications after removing your hair.

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