Arm Lift Surgery: Recovery Time and Cost

Whether it’s due to fluctuations in weight or the effects of aging, the upper area of your arms can become loose and saggy. An arm lift can tighten the upper arm and reduce the amount of loose skin. There are several aspects of arm plastic surgery, recovery time, and costs that you should know about before having this type of plastic surgery procedure.

What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, arm lift surgery reduces sagging skin, removes localized pockets of excess fat, and smooths and tightens the supportive tissues that help define the shape of the arm. An arm lift is also known as brachioplasty. There are different types of arm lift surgery available.

  • Upper Arm Brachioplasty – This is considered the standard type of arm lift. Excessive skin and tissue between the elbow and armpit is removed.
  • Mini Arm Lift – This is similar to a standard arm lift only less invasive. There may be less skin or very little fatty tissue to remove.
  • Extended Arm Lift – If you have lost an extreme amount of weight you may need to have your arms altered with a reductive procedure. This may include a more extensive incision.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Arm Plastic Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is normally performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. There are several criteria you would need to meet to be a good candidate for arm plastic surgery.

  • Stable Weight – Some people have arm surgery after losing a lot of weight. You should not be excessively overweight.
  • General Good Health – Certain medical conditions may impair the healing process. It’s important that you tell your surgeon about any health conditions you may have.
  • Nonsmoker – Smoking may hinder your ability to recover from surgery. If you smoke, you’ll want to quit or limit smoking during the time right before and after the procedure. Healthline states that smoking can cause wounds to take longer to heal. This can lead to a higher risk of infection.
  • Realistic Expectations – While arm plastic surgery can substantially improve the look and feel of your arms, you should have realistic expectations regarding the outcome. It is also important to know there will be an arm lift scar.

How Is the Arm Skin Removal Surgery Performed?

Excessive arm skin is removed by cutting the skin with a direct incision. An incision may start under the arm and run somewhere near the elbow. Sometimes, liposuction is used as well to achieve the desired shape. The procedure is normally performed under general anesthesia. According to the Mayo Clinic, brachioplasty can usually be completed in approximately two hours.

How Much Does Brachioplasty Cost?

The cost of arm skin tightening surgery will depend on the type of surgery and how much skin or fat you’ll need removed. Brachioplasty will normally cost between $4,000 and $5,000. Fees may not include the use of a facility or medications. Insurance plans normally don’t cover arm lift surgery costs. Many surgeons, however, offer payment plans for their patients.

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How Long Does Arm Lift Recovery Take?

After surgery, it is important to follow all of your surgeon’s instructions regarding appropriate medications to take, potential warning signs to watch for, and how to care for your wounds. There are several tips that can make your recovery go smoothly.

  • Sleep with your arms elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Take sponge baths until your drains are removed.
  • Plan to be off work for two or three weeks.
  • Wait six weeks before returning to a regular exercise routine.

If you are considering having arm fat removal surgery, you will want to find a board-certified surgeon with experience performing a variety of arm plastic surgeries. Having arm fat removal can help you feel more confident in form-fitting clothes and boost your self-esteem.

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