The Benefits of Combining Pimple Extractions with a Photo Facial Skin Treatment

For many people using over-the-counter medications and creams just isn’t enough to manage a pimple outbreak or acne.  The next step is normally setting up an appointment for a simple extraction session.  This provides an excellent way to see immediate results and improvements in your skin.  The problem is that it won’t always provide a long-term solution, especially if you have a history of difficult to manage outbreaks.  Fortunately adding a quick photo facial skin treatment to the session can significantly extend the results.

How Extractions Work

Pimple extractions are a fairly straightforward process.  The first step is applying a steady flow of steam across your skin.  This helps temporarily expand your pores to ensure that everything is removed during the extraction.  The next step is simply getting rid of the sebum which has collected in your pores and is the root cause of most blackheads and pimples.  In some cases, medication can be applied to the open pore which will encourage quick healing.  It will also help prevent future breakouts if it is an antibiotic cream.

What is a Photo Facial Skin Treatment?

photo facial skin treatment is primarily designed to improve the appearance of skin which is been damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or age spots.  With AFT light treatments, it can also improve mild acne scars and reduce the size of larger pores.  This process, like extractions, is easy on your skin.  Intense light will penetrate your skin and be absorbed by dilated vessels and pigmentation.  The heat from the light will impair the treated area and cause the body increase collagen production to aid in the healing process.

Why Combine the Two?

There are several benefits of combining photo facial skin treatment with the simple extraction process.  The primary benefit is that once all of your pimples and blackheads have been extracted, the photo facial skin treatment will help shrink the size of your pores.  This will increase your odds of limiting the amount of sebum which can collect in your pores and cause additional pimples.  Another benefit is that it will make your skin healthier in the long run.  Pimples can slowly devastate skin tissue and using a photo facial skin treatments will help restore it.  It will also help limit or eliminate any acne scars that may persist.

Post Treatment

Once you have undergone the pimple extraction and photo facial skin treatment, the post treatment is extremely easy.  The first step is having a conversation with your clinician to decide what additional skin care products would be the most beneficial.  This is based upon your skin type as well as what will help minimize future breakouts.

The rest is up to you.  Both pimple extractions and a photo facial skin treatment require no downtime.  Some people opt to spend the rest of the day at home, while others resume their normal activity.  If you have sensitive skin then applying a cool compress after the photo facial skin treatment is likely your next step to minimize any discomfort.  Keep in mind that during the photo facial treatments, a topical anesthesia will be applied to enhance your comfort, so it may take a little while before you realize that applying a cool compress is the route you want to go.

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