Body Contouring Through Plastic Surgery

Having excess skin in your midsection, arms or another part of your body can mean a big blow for your self-esteem. And unfortunately, whether it’s because of pregnancy, a change in weight or just the natural result of getting older, excess skin isn’t something you can get rid of with more exercise or through dieting. There is hope, however: body contouring surgery can remove the excess skin and restore your body to its youthful shape.

Arm Lift

The upper arms are a problem area for many people, even if changes in weight aren’t involved. This part of the body just seems to naturally start to sag as a result of aging, resulting in a flappy appearance that often leads to feelings of self-consciousness.

An arm lift is performed to remove the excess skin that causes the flappy look and tighten the upper arms. This is a great way to define this part of the body, as removing the excess skin helps reveal the biceps and triceps muscles.

Breast Lift

Most women of all shapes and sizes experience breast sagging as they get older. Life events such as pregnancy and nursing, as well as changes in weight, also contribute to breast sagging. This often changes how a woman feels about her body, especially because breast sagging can make clothes fit differently.

Houston breast lift procedure solves these problems by removing excess breast skin, and reshaping the breasts to reduce sagging and give them a perkier shape. The results of a breast lift are permanent, but breast sagging does continue to occur over time as a natural result of aging.

Tummy Tuck

In the tummy tuck Houston procedure, excess skin is removed from the abdominal region. Excess skin in this area is typically the result of pregnancy or the loss of a large amount of weight. Having a tummy tuck can make a big change in how the whole body looks, as a trim and tight abdomen helps to create an overall leaner appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Unlike other lifting procedures, the Brazilian butt lift Houston doesn’t involve the removal of excess skin to tone up the body. Instead, it’s about enhancing the buttocks by injecting fat to give them a fuller, rounder appearance. The fat is removed from another part of the body via liposuction, which means a butt lift improves the appearance of the buttocks as well as toning up other body areas


For many people, even a strict diet-and-exercise routine isn’t enough to lose the last few stubborn pounds of fat. Often located in areas such as the inner or outer thigh, the love handles or the abdominal region, those stubborn pockets just can’t be shifted.

Houston liposuction is tailor-made for this particular problem. It’s not a replacement for true weight loss, but it is a great way to get rid of those small pockets of fat that are resistant to dieting. After liposuction the treated areas are smoother, trimmer and less lumpy, giving you an overall leaner and more toned silhouette.

The Mommy Makeover

For many people, just one procedure isn’t enough to remove all the excess skin from the body. This is especially the case after pregnancy or the loss of a large amount of weight. In these situations, a combination of procedures can be carried out to tackle all the problem areas. For instance, a mommy makeover Houston is a series of procedures that targets the abdomen and breasts, as these are the areas where a woman’s body changes the most after pregnancy and nursing.

Tone Up and Show Off Your Hard Work

If you’ve worked hard to lose weight, you deserve to feel great about your body! Having surgery to remove excess skin, or liposuction to remove the last few pounds of stubborn fat, is a great way to trim and tone your body and show off your results.

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