Botox also treats sweating feet

It is a known fact that Botox is used for, and is effective in eliminating wrinkles to give you a youthful look. However besides making you look younger, Botox is also effective in decreasing sweating and in providing some comfort to the soles of your feet.

Botox does not need any sedation or anesthetic to help reduce signs of aging. It is an injection made of botulinum toxin, a reconstituted substance. This injection is injected under the skin using a fine needle.

The number of injections that the doctor has to give you depends on the area to be treated. So if you want to treat your crow’s feet wrinkles, only five injections may suffice to make you look younger. However if you have deep wrinkles, you need to take more injections.

A Botox injection session usually lasts for about ten minutes; but its effects lasts for a maximum of four months. Anyone between the age of eighteen to sixty-five can use the FDA approved to make themselves look younger. Moreover, this is a very safe anti-aging procedure that comes with minimum side effects.

Wear stilettos without discomfort

Besides making you look younger, Botox helps minimize excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. People suffering from hyperhidrosis have sweaty hands, armpits and feet which can be embarrassing when in anxiety and stress.

Botox is also helpful in making your feet more comfortable. All the doctor has to do is to inject Botox to your heals so that you can comfortably wear stilettos without any discomfort. Doctor usually inject fat from other parts of your body to your heal region as added padding and support to your heels.

This fat augments the fat around the foot. While standing, your bones rest on the fat pad. However while wearing heals, the fat pad may shift. By injecting Botox into your heal, the fat stays in place to provide cushioning to your heal for at least a year. Moreover, these injections have been safely used for many years.

However, like any treatment or medication you try, it is important that you first consult your pediatric surgeon to find out if the procedure is right for you. If done correctly, Botox will not only help you look younger, but will also help bring your sweating problem under control and make wearing stilettos much more comfortable.

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