Botox: breaking new ground with new uses

Botox injections in Houston have been used for removing wrinkles and generally as an anti-aging treatment for quite a few years now. However since its introduction to the medical field in 1989, there have been quite a few new and realistic uses for Botox.

While most people use eye shadow and liners to get an innocent but temporary doe-eyed look, Botox provides a more permanent solution. Houston cosmetic surgeons now create the same look using Botox injections. A minuscule amount of Botox is injected to the lower eyelash’s muscle to create wide, almond shaped eyes for $300 to $500.

Perk up your nose

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a nose change all you need is $150 to $250.  Botox injections in Houston now help in giving your nose a perfect swoop without any recovery time. Botox can be injected into the bottom of the septum to lift the nose tip and give plastic surgery results.

To get better results, fillers like Juvederm or Restylane may also be used. Houston cosmetic surgeons can also make an upturned nose slope downwards by injecting Botox to the nostrils.

The perfect smile

Botox injections can be used to give the perfect smile for only $200 – $400. All they do is inject small amounts in five places around the upper lip or in the band above the chin. This way your lips do not lift that high when you smile.

However it is important that Houston cosmetic surgeons with at least ten years of administer such injections as a slight mistake can cause lip asymmetry.

Botox injections in Houston can also be used for refining cleavage crinkles for $1500 and more. The deep cleavage is caused by vertical lines because of the breast weight and sun damage. Botox with laser treatment can relax the muscles around the cleavage grooves. This has to be done by experienced Houston cosmetic surgeons with breast experience for best results.

So besides using Botox for removing wrinkles, it is today used to instantly improve your smile, your nose, your eyes and even your cleavage to look great at any occasion. __________________

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