Breast Augmentation for Cosmetic Purposes

Breast augmentation has the same meaning as augmentation mammoplasty. It is the placement of breast implants through surgery. It is meant to improve symmetry and increase fullness of a woman’s breast. Other people undertake use plastic surgeries like mommy makeovers in Houston as a way of restoring their breast volume after pregnancy or losing weight. This surgical procedure involves using fat or breast implants for the purpose of restoring the breast volume. Breast implants can be done for cosmetic purposes or for breast reconstruction purposes. This happens in cases such as mastectomy for breast cancer.

For now we will just look at cosmetic breast augmentation in Houston. Breast implants has got two types only. That is, silicone and saline breast implants. Both Saline and silicone implants has got silicone as the outer shell. However the content inside the silicone shell varies. This is because the saline one contains sterile salty water while the silicone implant contains silicone gel. Despite the fact that lots of women praise the silicone implant as it feels like a natural breast, it poses great risks to women in case it leaks or ruptures.


The cost of breast augmentation is dependent on the location it is taking place, the type of implant and the doctor undertaking the procedure. Generally it is normally between $5000 and $10000. This surgical procedure is not covered by health insurance simply because it is meant for cosmetic purposes.

How it is undertaken

Since teenagers has the chance of developing their breast until they are twenty, FDA sets an age limit of 18 years to individuals who want to undertake saline breast implants and 22 years of age to women who need the silicone breast implant. Surgeons who are fully experienced in this field are the only ones who should undertake the procedure. Therefore it is women are advised to go for the experienced surgeons. This is because the probability of developing health complications after being attended to by an experienced surgeon is low.

You are supposed to have a meeting with your surgeon before the procedure for medical evaluation. During the evaluation you should explain what it is that you want and then get the feedback from the medical practitioner. The surgeon may also advise you on what to go for and what to avoid before the surgery. Surgery can take place in the hospital or as an outpatient. It takes a short time to be complete from one to two hours.

You will be under the influence of a general anesthesia therefore you will be pain free and asleep. Depending on the type of implant, your body and how much the enlargement is being done, the surgeon can make a cut under your breast, around the nipples or under the arm. The other thing is for the plastic surgeon to place the breast implant into a pocket below or above your chest muscle. Once this is done and the implant is in place, the cuts are closed with surgical tapes or sutures for breast lifts with minimal scarring.

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