11 Facts About Breast Implants Demystified

So you are thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation. Though you have done your share of research, you are still apprehensive about undergoing the surgery as there is lots of myths and misinformation about the procedure. So here’s an attempt at demystifying some myths about Houston breast augmentation surgery!

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the country. Plastic surgeons in Houston see their fair share of women seeking breast implants. Women generally make the decision to have this surgery in order to feel better about their appearance.

After breast augmentation women generally find new confidence in the way they wear clothes, and most report an increase in sexual activity. For whatever reason a woman chooses this procedure, the decision should not be entered into without gathering some facts.

The price of breast augmentation is not covered by insurance carriers unless part of a post mastectomy procedure in cancer patients, which is one of the few medical reasons for breast reduction. But, the vast majority of breast augmentations are for cosmetic purposes.

The costs should not be the determining factor when seeking a surgeon to perform any type of breast surgery. It is important to seek a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Women who elect to have silicone implants are advised to have an MRI every two years to check for any leaks, these may not be covered by insurance carriers and is an additional and ongoing expense to consider. Most breast augmentations are performed in an out patient surgery center, consult with the surgeon to see if he uses more than one center and look into the costs and reputation of each one available.

The FDA has determined that both silicone and saline implants are safe. The late 1990’s saw many law suits and much fear concerning breast augmentation. Plastic Surgeons in Houston saw a decline in augmentation procedures. Now that the road is cleared, women can make the decision to have the surgery without fear of serious health risks.

It is important to realize the surgeon has to work with your individual body when considering the best size and shape for your implants . Women wishing to have excessively large implants must understand the surgeon has to work with the amount of existing skin tissue and whether there is enough to cover the implant. If the implants are too large it could cause a speeding up of the process of gravity and result in early drooping or sagging post breast augmentation, causing the need for another breast lift surgery or feeling the results are not satisfactory. Trust your selected Houston Plastic Surgeon to suggest only an augmentation that will look natural and accommodate your body well.

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11 Facts About Breast Implants

Before electing to have breast augmentation surgery, take the time to do some research on the procedure, the doctor and the surgery center. Consider the suggestions of the board certified surgeon regarding what is the best fit for you and your body type. Post breast augmentation should be a time to enjoy a well thought out process resulting in a enhanced new look.

Myth no.1: Breast implants look fake

Fact: The biggest fear a woman has about a breast augmentation is looking like she’s wearing fake breast implants after the surgery. However if you choose the right board-certified plastic surgeon, choose the right naturally sized breast implant and the implant is placed right, then there should be no problems with breast augmentation Houston.

Myth no. 2: The recovery process after surgery is painful

Fact: The actual recovery time and pain varies from one woman to another. Women with large breasts during pregnancy and who had gained and lost weight usually experience little to no pain while others may have some pain for the first few days. This pain is usually manageable with painkillers. The only precaution women have to take after breast augmentation is to not lift things or workout for four weeks.

Myth no.3: Women who undergo breast augmentation do it for big breasts

Fact: This is not true as most women undergo the option for super subtle augmentations from an A cup to either a B or C cup. Moreover, most women who have this operation are working professionals and stay-at home moms who just want to fill out their clothing or feel more confident and not to flaunt ‘big breasts’.

Though bigger breasts may look great today, breasts too big for your physique is not advisable. You have to discuss how big breasts will look on you when you grow older; if they will sag, if they will require more surgery then or if there will be visible rippling because of big implants before you consider augmentation of your breasts.

Myth no.4: Results of breast augmentation last a lifetime

Fact: Most women think this operation is a one-time surgery. However, this is not true as both silicone and saline implants are not designed to last a lifetime. They should ideally be replaced every 10 years to prevent ruptures. Of course, this is not a requirement as surgeons usually say the implants should be replaced only if you have some issues.

Myth no.5: Your looks are immediately improved

Fact: This is not exactly true as immediately after the operation, your muscles tend to tighten up wherein the implants tend to rest high on your chest and look swollen. However as you recover and heal, your breasts slowly return to a more natural position on your chest. This proves you need time to look great after a breast augmentation, so don’t schedule it immediately before a wedding, pageant or special occasion!

Myth no.6: You get your perfect body with a breast augmentation surgery

Fact: This is not true as a breast augmentation surgery does not make you look like a model. All it does is give you bigger or even-sized breasts or a breast lift. The resulting larger bust makes your waist look smaller and hips shapely but does not give you a new body. This is all a breast augmentation can do for you and having realistic expectations means that you too will eventually be happier with your results.

Myth no.7: Any surgeon can carry out a breast augmentation surgery

Fact: This is not a simple operation and should be done by a qualified and certified surgeon. Surgeons have to undergo specialized training to be able to a breast augmentation.

Myth no.8: Surgeons who do augmentation using only one procedure are the better choice

Fact: If the plastic surgeon knows only one method of augmentation, it means that the surgeon is comfortable with only one implant and incision. With women having varied choices and breast size, it’s better to have your breast augmentation done by a qualified surgeon who can offer various options for augmentation of the breast.

Myth no.9: Breast size can be measured using cup size

Fact: Bra sizes of different bra manufacturers are different such that bras of different sizes can fit the same cup size. A more accurate means of measuring cup size is using measurements and demonstrations using your tissues.

Myth no.10: There is a single best augmentation method using the best implant, incision, and pocket locations

Fact: All augmentations would be done the same way if there was a single, best way of doing it. Different options fit the needs of different women. You have to find the surgeon who is well versed and can let you choose from all the available options to meet your needs.

Myth no.11: The same surgeon will give me a similar result as a friend, using the same implant

Fact: Different women have different breast sizes; even you and your friend have breasts of different sizes. So even if the same surgeon performed breast augmentation surgery on you, results will not be the same as your friend’s. The final outcome of the procedure depends on your body tissues and the experience of the surgeon.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Houston TX, it is better you be aware of these myths and facts before you make your final decision.

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