Breast Augmentation: What to Expect After the Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a decision that must be made by the woman without outside forces. This is to prevent a woman from regretting her decision to get the surgery. A cosmetic surgeon will discuss why a woman wants a breast augmentation to ensure she is getting it for the right reasons and not just trying to make somebody else happy. It is a serious decision and women need to know as much as possible about the procedure and what to expect afterwards when determining if it is right for them.

Breast Augmentations Require Maintenance

A woman who has decided to get a breast augmentation will have to follow the advice her cosmetic surgeon gives her about prolonging the life of the breast implants. Some surgeons recommend breast massage or compression exercises to decrease the chances of developing scar tissue around the implant. Women move the implant up, down, left, and right and hold it in the position for a few seconds. They can often start this a week after surgery and the cosmetic surgeon should provide a tutorial with specific guidelines.

In order to prevent sagging, choosing the right bra is imperative. It is also preferred for woman who have had a Houston breast enlargement to take antibiotics before getting dental work done since any plaque or bacteria that are found on their gums may be released into the blood stream and cause infection. A foreign body, such as a breast implant, is generally targeted for infection when this happens.

Protect Your Breast Implants

Your breast augmentation maintenance plan needs to include mammograms and breast examinations every three years for woman who are in their 20s and 30s. After a woman has turned 40 she should have an exam every year. If you decide to get implants filled with silicone gel you will be recommended to get an MRI three years after your surgery and every two years after that to detect any leaks.

When choosing to have a breast augmentation, understanding the maintenance you must do is important. If you cannot commit to properly maintaining your breast implants it may not be the right procedure for you.

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