Breast implant surgery step by step

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery that can be performed in your doctor clinic, hospital or in a surgical clinic. The operation can last four hours, this depends on the technique used, how competent your cosmetic surgeon is and how much of your natural breast tissue has to be reshaped. Here is a step by step guide for breast implant surgery for women thinking of having one.

The breast implant surgery starts with a scrubbing with antimicrobial soap to reduce infection risks. Your doctor then marks where the breast implant incisions will be made after which you are hooked to several monitors to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs.

An IV line is then inserted in the inside of your elbow or your hand to administer medications like sedatives and anesthesia. You can choose between general and local anesthesia and conscious sedation based on your pain tolerance and if you wish to be awake during the operation.

Making incisions
Next, your surgeon makes breast implant incisions and creates a pocket behind the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle tissue. This choice is made during the consultation phase of your breast implant surgery.

The breast implants are inserted once the pockets are created. In case of silicone filled implants, they are just put into place. However in case of saline breast implants, the breast implants are filled once the shell is placed in the pockets.

Women with very small breasts may need a tissue expander inserted for some time before inserting the actual breast implants. These expanders resemble saline breast implants but have a port for adding saline to stretch the breast for the implant.

Then there are expandable saline breast implants that work like tissue expanders, but are permanent. Here, a filler port is left near the incision through which saline is added every week till your chosen breast size is achieved. This is when the port is removed and the implant seals shut.

Check for symmetry and your return

Once breast implants are in place, your surgeon checks for symmetry by placing you in an upright position to find out how the implants look when you are seated. If things are okay, the incisions are closed.

Your surgeon may apply a dressing to protect wounds, reduce swelling and to keep the tissue and implant securely in place. You can usually return home if there are no complications after a couple of hours. However it is not advisable to drive home after your breast implant surgery; make arrangements for someone to drive you home after the cosmetic surgery procedure.

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