Breast Reduction Myths Dispelled- No More Embarrassment About Large Breasts!

Most women are not happy with their breasts. Most are unhappy with their small breasts and undergone breast enlargement surgery to get larger breasts. However, there are also quite a few women who are unhappy about the looks and discomfort of their large breasts and want to reduce its size.

They thus consider undergoing a breast reduction Houston surgery for smaller breasts. There, however, are some myths going around about the surgery, which may make women like you hesitate about undergoing this surgery. This is why this is an attempt at debunking some of these breast reduction myths.

Myth no.1: Breast reduction is similar to a breast lift

This is not actually a myth; is more of a difference of opinion amongst plastic surgeons. While some surgeons perform a lift as part of a breast reduction, others perform the surgery with liposuction which does not provide any lifting and in fact, makes the breasts droop more.

Reduction surgery with a keyhole or lollipop incision provides for some firming of the breasts as it makes the skin tighter around the underlying tissue. The nipples are also repositioned so that they end up higher in your breasts. In case there is more lifting involved, sutures are placed deep in the breast tissue to support the breasts and give you a more youthful look.

This is why it’s common for women to simultaneously undergo a breast lift Houston and breast reduction as both is conducted using the same incisions. It is your surgeon who will decide if a breast reduction is sufficient to give you the required tightening or repositioning of your breast, or if you should undergo a breast lift too.

Myth no.2: A breast reduction can have your breasts reduced to a C cup

Most women think that the C cup is the ideal breast size as it’s not too big or too small. However, it’s difficult to predict the exact cup size you will have after a breast reduction. It’s better to get an idea of the new size and shape of your breasts using a visual standpoint based on computer imaging and before and fatter pictures of similar patients.

It’s not important that you focus on cup size; just make sure your breasts look well-proportioned when compared to the rest of your body and fit and flatter your new figure.

Myth no.3: Breast reduction receives insurance coverage

Though breast reduction is at times considered a medical necessity, it isn’t always covered by insurance. This is why you need to ensure your surgery is first approved by the insurance company before you undergo it.

Some reasons for your insurance provider not providing coverage are the surgeon, hospital, and anesthesiologist not in your plan’s network, the breast reduction technique used is not a covered procedure or the surgery is not considered extensive enough to be medically necessary.

It is important that you establish that you are undergoing your surgery for health reasons and not cosmetic ones. Have your physician document the health problems you have like back pain, which will prove that your surgery is necessary. It’s even better if you get pre-approval from your insurance company stating the circumstances they will pay for your surgery.

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