Can You Wear Makeup After Laser Hair Removal?

If you are thinking of using Houston laser hair removal for the removal of unwanted hair on your body, you should do so after learning about its post operative care. Most people get worried about side effects and pain associated with laser hair removal; however once you get a better understanding about its after care, there’s not much to worry about.

There will be some redness and some perifollicular edema in the treated area just after treatment. The intensity of this redness depends on the hair color and density. However there is no need to worry about this as it subsides within a day or two. In rare conditions, if it does not subside, consult your doctor.

The treated hair falls off within three to four weeks’ time; however after this, you may notice some new hair growth. This is nothing to worry about as it is the dormant hair that grows after getting activated by the laser treatment. This hair is less in density than your normal hair, and is the reason why you need to have multiple laser hair removal sessions for complete hair removal.

Use sun block

According to Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Schusterman, it is better to wash your skin with hot water after laser hair removal and to use an effective sunblock against UVA and UVB. This is especially so if the treated regions are exposed regions like face, neck and forearms. Use a broad spectrum sun screen that offers a sun protection factor of 30.

A machine called a Zimmer, which blows cold air to the treatment area, is used during the procedure in order to reduce the pain and swelling associated with laser hair removal. However if the treated region is rather large, you could use over-the-counter analgesics for relief from the pain. For certain small areas, a topical numbing cream may be prescribed to help reduce discomfort during the procedure.

If there is any bacterial, viral or fungal infection in the region to be treated, it is better to obtain treatment by your primary care provider and complete any prescribed medication before undergoing laser hair removal.

Do not scratch treated region

Any epidermal injury that takes place during the procedure should be treated using topical antibiotic creams and ointments twice a day. If required, your laser technician may also recommend mild and topical steroid creams to help fight swelling and erythema and to reduce skin scarring.

Can I wear makeup after laser hair removal

Avoid scratching the treated region after laser hair removal. You can wear makeup immediately after laser hair removal to help hide the redness. However if there is any blistering or crusting, its better to avoid makeup as the makeup can cause some allergic reaction to broken skin.

There is no need of any hospitalization after laser hair removal; you can proceed with your normal activities and work immediately after the procedure.

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