Do and Do Nots of Laser Hair Removal

Many people today consider and prefer laser hair moreover to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. This is a relatively safe procedure, if done right. So to ensure your laser hair removal is done right, here are some tips you should follow.

1. When you have your first consultation with your laser hair removal specialist, make sure you come with full hair growth. This lets your doctor evaluate both the texture and growth of your hair, which in turn gives you a better chance of complete and better laser hair removal.

2. Refrain from plucking or waxing your unwanted hair, and from applying any hair removal cream for at least a month before the procedure. This improves the effectiveness of the treatment. Shaving is however permissible to combat hair growth in between sessions as it does not remove your hair follicle.

3. Your medical spa doctor should be informed about any existing conditions you suffer from as it will affect the outcome of the procedure. Some hormonal conditions and any skin or acne treatments you have recently undergone can affect the outcome of your laser hair removal. Even some acne creams have chemicals that cannot be safely used with laser hair removal.

4. Discuss any doubts you have about reactions after the procedure. This is the benefit of having laser hair removal performed in a medical spa as it is performed under medical supervision.

5. It is not advisable to have your consultation in mid-summer as removing hair with lasers is not possible on people with suntans. Moreover, as laser removal makes the skin susceptible to sunburn, the less sun exposure you have, the better is your hair removal.

6. Don’t wear makeup or any skin lotion during your first hair removal session. The cleaner is your skin, the better results you can expect.

7. If you are having your facial hair removed, bring along a hat for protection from the sun after the treatment. Long sleeved shirts or pants are enough to cover and protect your legs and hands from sunlight after hair removal.

8. Make sure you thoroughly follow post-procedural care. Any discomfort you experience after laser hair removal can be soothed by applying cold compresses. Do not wear any harsh creams, lotions and makeup or have any saunas and hot tubs for a minimum of a day after the procedure.

9. Never miss sessions once you start treatment as it is only if you follow your schedule of visits will your treatment be effective. If you have any scheduled vacation or travel plans, make sure you notify your treatment administrator about it to ensure it won’t be a problem.

With the help of these guidelines, your laser hair removal procedure will be more successful and effective.

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