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Facelift surgery reduces the appearance of folds, wrinkles and loose skin that result from aging.

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Benefits of Getting a Facelift

  • Mid-face sagging
  • Deep creases below the lower eyelids
  • Deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth
  • Displaced or fallen fat
  • Loss of muscle tone in the lower face that has created jowls
  • Loose skin and excess fatty deposits under the chin and jaw giving the appearance of a double chin
Facelift Houston

Personalizing Your Facelift

Houston facelift plastic surgeon Dr. Schusterman creates a personalized facelift focusing on specific areas the patient wishes to enhance. To determine the appropriate combination of facelift technologies, Dr. Schusterman assesses the thickness, texture and elasticity of the patient’s skin, as well as the severity of wrinkles and folds. Our facelift Houston plastic surgeon also considers bone structure and utilizes the patient’s natural features to enhance their new look.

Houston Facelift

The Facelift Procedure

Small incisions in skin folds or hair-bearing areas allow the facial skin to be separated from its underlying muscle. The skin and underlying muscles are tightened, then the excess skin is excised.

The area is sutured snugly in place, loose bandages are applied, and the patient often returns home the day of the surgery. A facelift surgery may be performed using either local or general anesthesia, at the surgeon’s office in Houston, at an outpatient facility, or at a hospital.

Hear what our patients are saying about Dr. Schusterman’s Facelift results!


“I absolutely love Dr.Schusterman and his entire staff. They were all so wonderful from my consultation all the way through my surgery and even now. He was very attentive and made sure I was very comfortable with my decision. He even let me come back in for a second consultation as I was second-guessing myself. He was so wonderful to me right before he did my surgery and my fiancé and mother were very pleased with his interaction with them as well at the hospital. Janet and Yolanda were also very good at the office and made sure I was comfortable with all my decisions as well. I couldn't be more proud of the decision I made as well as the outcome of my surgery! Thanks so much, Dr.Schusterman and your staff! Yall are the best!!”

— Britt J.

“I typically don't review but because I am beyond satisfied with my surgery I will be more than happy to brag about Dr. Schusterman and his office staff!! I must say that my consultation was a breath of fresh air as all the staff was super sweet and very professional! Everyone I encountered was extremely nice and very informative. I've done my research for a few years in regards to the surgery that I was interested in and I will be the first to admit that I have been super picky about who I was going to allow to enhance my body but after reviewing before and after I was convinced I had made the best decision in picking Dr. Schusterman to perform my surgery!!”

- Kim O.

“My experience with this doctor was nothing less than smooth sailing. He is very kind and very knowledgeable in his field and definitely takes the time to get to know his patients. The recovery period so far is going very well and with him checking in every once in a while you definitely can tell he cares.”

- Tina S.

“I am writing to share my experience with Doctor Schusterman and his staff. Dr. Schusterman is a very caring and professional man. During our pre-op meeting, Dr. Schusterman was professional, informative, and approachable. Dr. Schuster and his staff treated me in a caring, friendly manner. I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend him to others.”

- Ragon Z.

What to Expect After My Facelift

Patients are given oral pain medications for a day or two after the facelift. Bruising and swelling usually subside in 7 to 14 days, at which point the patient may return to work and social situations.

However, we advise patients recovering from facelift surgery to avoid excess sun exposure during recovery. Scars, which are hidden by the hairline, should fade over time. Results typically last 10 to 15 years. If facelift surgery interests you, and you would like to learn more, please contact Dr. Schusterman’s office at (713) 794-0368 or email us today. We work hard to provide you one of the best facelift Houston has to offer!

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