Facelifts – What Makes Some Plastic Surgeons Better Than Others?

Plastic surgeons are just like any other highly trained professional.  In every profession, there are certain individuals who stand out and are well known for achieving a level of excellence that others cannot.  If you are looking for a plastic surgeon for a facelift, then you may be wondering what makes certain plastic surgeons better than others.  The easiest way to explain the answer is by looking at some of the most common questions about facelifts in discussing the impact that the plastic surgeon plays in the process.

Why Do Some Facelifts Look Natural and Others Look Fake?

Getting through the facelift procedure safely is all about understanding the science.  Any qualified plastic surgeon is well versed in the science behind this type of procedure.  The big difference in the results isn’t based on science – it’s based on skill.  Every surgeons approach to the more artistic side of facelifts is different.

The best plastic surgeons understand how to provide an individualized approach based upon your concerns, expectations, and priorities.  In fact, the easiest way to know that you are dealing with the best is by asking them if there are alternatives to a facelift which would provide the same results.  The best plastic surgeons will not only be able to provide you with all of the details about a traditional facelift, but may also recommend a mini facelift or specific skin rejuvenation techniques which will give you similar results without having to go through a full-scale surgery.

Why Do Facelifts Fall Down?

One of the biggest fears of most people who are looking into getting a facelift is that the results won’t last very long.  Low-quality plastic surgeons often preferred to focus solely on skin lifts.  This uses the same incisions as a more thorough facelift and the skin is elevated in front of the ear and cheek.  The problem is that skin is naturally elastic.  Over time, it loses elasticity and begins to droop.  With a skin only facelift, this could start happening in as little as six months.  As a result, you would need to go back to your surgeon every few years to do a mini lift.  After several of these, your face will begin to look overstretched and unnatural.

A high quality plastic surgeon will be able to discuss all of the options available which will give you the results you want.  In some cases, you may require a more extensive procedure where the deep supporting structures of your face are used to lift your problem areas.  While this is a much more intensive surgery, the deep supporting structures retain their shape which allows you to achieve long-lasting results.

What Should You Expect during Your Consultation?

The standard approach to consultations is for you to express your concerns and desires to the plastic surgeon and then listen to the different ways they can assist you.  The difference between a quality plastic surgeon and an average one is twofold.  First, an elite plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with many more options because they are skilled in multiple techniques.  Second, they will not hesitate to point out any potential problems which could make a traditional facelift a less than ideal solution.  Every plastic surgeon is confident in their abilities, the big question is whether or not they can address your questions, concerns, and make you feel comfortable prior to the operation.  The best plastic surgeons understand how big of a step this is for the average person and how to make them feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

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