Have regular checkups after breast implants

There are many reasons for a woman to consider getting breast implants. Some of them want one to improve their self-esteem and confidence and some of them, to restore breast volume they had lost through great weight loss or pregnancy.

There are many professional Houston plastic surgeons who can successfully carry out a breast implant. However, it is not sufficient to just have the breast implant done by a reputed and certified surgeon. You have to continually check your breast implant for possible failure and complications for as long as you wear them.

Besides, women who have breast implants have to exercise regularly and have good eating habits so that there is no change in their body or specifically, breast structure. However, there are some exercises and workouts that are not appropriate for women with implants. So before you do any exercise or yoga, it’s better to consult with your surgeon to ensure the exercise will not move the implants out of place.

Annual breast examination

Though breast implants are safe, they can fail at times. This is why you have to have an annual breast examination by your plastic surgeon to ensure everything is okay and that there are no complications or problems.

In addition to this, get an MRI done first three years after the breast implantation, and then once in two years. The MRI is done to check for any implant ruptures which can lead to complications and infections. However, with the right and timely detection, the ruptured implant can be replaced.

However if this is detected late, the ruptured silicone starts leaking and can cause some thickening of the scar tissue surrounding the implant. This, in turn, leads to breast deformity and pain. Moreover, the late replacement or removal of ruptured implants is rather complicated.

Body’s natural reaction to a foreign body

Besides leaking breast implants, there is the possibility of your suffering from capsular contracture. This is basically the body’s reaction to the breast implants, which is a foreign object to the body.

The body encases the implants on a capsule of fibrous tissues and is basically a natural reaction of the body. This problem usually goes unnoticed but can lead to distortion and pain in the patient. And if the problem is not fixed immediately, the implants may permanently move out of place.

So to prevent all this, make sure you have a regular check up of your breast implants after its implantation.

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