Having Problems Understanding Your Facelift Options?

It can be difficult getting your head around all of the different names used to describe facelift procedures. This is particularly true when it comes to the many facelift options out there. Fortunately, by simplifying your options based upon the approach taken, everything becomes much easier to understand.

The easiest way to group things together is by labeling them either a traditional facelift or a mini facelift. The traditional facelift is exactly what you think it is. It is a surgery which allows you to tighten and enhance both your face and neck areas. It is more complicated than a mini facelift because the skin is separated from the underlying muscle and tissue and then tightened. The muscles are then repositioned to support the tightened skin. This operation requires an incision to be made around the year and extending into the hairline.

A mini facelift is essentially the light version of this. There are a lot of brand names surrounding the mini facelift; however they all are designed to achieve the same basic results. With a mini facelift (or short scar facelift) incisions are made in front of the year and up around the sideburn. This smaller incision can make the procedure much less noticeable because there will be less scarring.

Which Options is Right for You?

The easiest way to decide what type of facelift is right for you is by consulting a professional. They have the ability to better assess the situation and select the correct approach to it. One of the driving forces behind deciding which type is right for you are based around the skin laxity and how much attention the neck area will require. Essentially, the more skin you need to get rid of; the more significant the surgery will need to be.

Since nearly every situation could be solved by a more traditional facelift, it will be easier to see what a mini facelift can achieve. If a mini facelift does not fit your situation then looking into a traditional facelift is the next step.

The mini facelift is ideal for multiple situations. Since the incision is smaller, the mini facelift is designed for people who require a minimal amount of skin shift and have minimal skin laxity. In general, younger adults will find a greater benefit from a mini facelift than their older counterparts. This is primarily because as you age your skin becomes more lax which means during a facelift more will be removed. A mini facelift is also an excellent approach for someone who has already had a facelift and only needs a touchup.

Opt For a Mini Facelift When Possible

Generally, if you can choose between a mini facelift and traditional facelift, you should choose the former. Mini facelifts, being less invasive, have several advantages. First, the initial procedure takes significantly less time. Second, because less was changed the recovery time is much faster. While every case is different, many people have also reported less pain during the recovery period following a mini facelift.

A Final Tip: Always Request a Customized Solution

Regardless of whether you choose a traditional facelift or mini facelift, it is vital that you work with professionals who provide customized solutions. This is especially true for traditional facelifts because so many different things can be done.

No two faces are alike – No to facelifts should be alike either!

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