Houston Breast Augmentation: Too Much of a Good Thing

A reputable plastic surgeon in Houston will know that just like almost everything in life, things are best in moderation. This same rule can be said when it comes to breast augmentations. There are some risks involved when a women tries getting breasts that are too large for her body. No woman wants a “uni-boob” or to look so top heavy that it is obvious the breasts are not real. With some research and a proper discussion with a cosmetic surgeon a woman can feel confident that she gets the size she wants that looks perfect on her.

Uni-boob, breadloafing, kissing implants, or whatever nickname you call it all means the same thing: it looks like you have one breast. It happens when the tissues in the cleavage area has been over-dissected to increase the amount of cleavage. It may show up the next day after the surgery or a few months afterwards. It can also occur after a submuscular breast implant surgery when the implants begin to settle but do so out of the muscle pocket  and toward the middle of the chest.

Surgeons who provide breast augmentations in Houston advise women not to go too large since they can exhibit the same problems that make women with naturally large breasts want to reduce them. Back pain and breasts that are sagging are common side effects to having large breasts. You can find numerous talk online about celebrities that have gotten larger breasts but have soon regretted their decision and had a breast reduction to fix their mistake.

For perfect breast augmentation surgery, knowing the right size is the best way to prevent problems in the future. Having surgery done as little as possible helps reduce the risk of a uni-boob or other complication. Take a picture of a person with the breast size you want so a cosmetic surgeon in Houston can have a better idea on what you are looking for. However, all women are different so your breasts may not end up the same shape as the picture.

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