Houston Facelift with Laser Liposuction

facelift in Houston is also referred to as a rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that works at tightening facial and neck skin to reduce the signs of aging, remove wrinkles and make you look years younger. While traditional facelifts consist of making incisions and removing excess sagging skinr, the latest forms of facelift involves the use of liposuction.

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon will firm up your muscle tone, smoothen your skin and give you a younger look with a laser lipo facial rejuvenation. Here, the unwanted fat from under the chin and neck are removed to make you look years younger by removing the unwanted double chins and turkey neck.

Laser liposuction Houston on the face is much similar to liposuction on any other part of the body. Once the skin has been prepped with an anesthetic solution, the laser breaks up the fat cells beneath the skin to such a small size, only a small cannula is required to remove it. The only difference between the two is that the area treated in a facelift is much smaller, where only a few ounces of fat is removed.

To get optimum effects from a facelift, many people perform a chin augmentation, chin liposuction, neck liposuction or buccal fat extraction to remove all the excess fat in cheeks, chin and neck.

Choose a reputable cosmetic surgeon

If you are considering getting a facelift, investigate the Houston cosmetic surgeon you choose before committing to surgery. Check his credentials and reputation. Take a look at before and after pictures of previous clients to get an idea of what you can expect after laser lipo facial rejuvenation. Ask for references and discuss their experience and level of satisfaction with the treatment they received.

A good cosmetic surgeon will first ensure you are healthy enough for the procedure, then discuss your goals with you. You will be advised to postpone the procedure if you plan to lose weight, as weight loss will affect the overall results.

The facelift is done with light sedation and takes about 45 minutes to an hour. However if you are having other facial procedures done at the same time, you will also be given local anesthesia. Your surgeon will make incisions between your gums and inner lower lip to insert a thin cannula to liquefy and remove the unwanted fat. The incisions are then closed after the liposuction procedure and place antibiotic-soaked gauze to prevent infection. A laser facelift requires a far shorter and more comfortable recovery process, when compared to traditional procedures.

Gone are the taut, stretched skin and squinty eyes of bygone days and the clumsy, coarse and easily botched facelift. Today’s technology and improved surgical skills provide gentle and efficient removal of the excess adipose without the potential for disaster. Laser facial rejuvenation retains the looks nature gave you while helping you appear years younger.

The Houston cosmetic surgeons at MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center employ leading edge technologies to safely return their clients to a more youthful appearance while inflicting minimal amounts of discomfort. They also provide a comprehensive list of services, including Makeovers for Momstummy tucks, a breast augmentation in Houston.

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