How SmartLipo Helps in Losing Weight

Advancements in health care and laser technology has lead to the development of a procedure to help with weight loss, called smartlipo techniques. This is a weight loss technique that helps individuals remove fat pockets in all those hard to reach areas of their bodies.

The benefit of using smartlipo for losing weight is that it is a non-invasive laser procedure that reaches fat pockets in difficult to reach fat pockets without using any surgical methods. Moreover, as smartlipo is a non-surgical procedure, it need not be done in a hospital setting.

During a smartlipo procedure, a very small cut is made over the area to be treated through which a laser is inserted to destroy fat cells with pinpoint accuracy. These destroyed fat cells remain as residue in the body, and is naturally eliminated from the body.

Once fat cells turn into residue, the skin of the region becomes taut while collagen enters the skin cells to leave a healthy glow to the treated region. Not only does the laser destroy fat cells, it emits heat that helps cauterize small blood vessels that may have broken during the smartlipo procedure. Consequently, this helps reduce the chances of any bleeding or infection occurring after the smartlipo procedure.

Maintain a diet and exercise program

A smartlipo procedure usually lasts an hour, with a short period of recovery. In fact, most people return to work within a day of the smartlipo procedure. There may be some bruising, swelling or numbness in the area after the procedure, for about a week, after which the treated area looks tighter and firmer.

In some cases, the complete results of the smartlipo procedure will not be visible till one or two months have lapsed after the treatment. In some rare cases, the patient may not get the desired results on completion of the smartlipo procedure. In such cases, the procedure has to be repeated after six months.

It should be remembered that though smartlipo helps in effectively removing fat pockets, it is important that you maintain a diet and exercise program to prevent this lost fat from returning. If you pursue an unhealthy lifestyle after the smartlipo procedure, fat may start building up once again in areas where fat was removed from.


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