Is Laser Tattoo Removal the Best Option Available?

If you are ready to get a tattoo removed, then you might be interested in all of the different options available.  Laser tattoo removal has gotten a majority of the headlines lately, but does that mean it is really the best option?  In order to decide what treatment is right for you, it is important to understand what the other options are and whether or not they are worth considering.

Do-It Yourself Tattoo Removal

There are a growing number of tattoo removal creams which can be applied at home.  Overall, there is mixed reviews about whether or not these creams actually work.  While there are some success stories, it seems like many people who use these products rarely get a complete tattoo removal.  Most of the time, they will help fade away a tattoo, but it will never actually disappear.  Another thing to keep in mind is that using these creams can take months before any noticeable effects are visible.  Most of the people, who reported positive results, seem to only want to save a tattoo in order to get it covered up rather than actually removing it.

IPL Therapy

IPL therapy (Intense Pulsed Light) has a strong core of followers.  If function similar to laser tattoo removal, however it utilizes a high-intensity light instead of a laser light.  Many tattoo removal experts have not recommended IPL for a variety of reasons.  Plus, if you have a larger tattoo you can become expensive very quickly.  Most of the time you will pay “per pulse”, which can quickly make IPL the most expensive option.  For everything except the smallest tattoos, IPL therapy is consistently more expensive than laser tattoo removal.  Plus, it has only been shown to be effective with certain types of tattoo pigments, which means it may not work on every tattoo.

Saline Fading

Some tattoo artists will offer two data tattoo by essentially tattooing saline solution into the old ink.  This can be effective for older tattoos; however it is not considered a reliable option for tattoo removal.  Sometimes it can fade a tattoo, which makes a cover-up easier, but many tattoo artists do not see this as an effective alternative.  As a result, finding a tattoo artist to actually do this can be difficult.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers have become the most common method of tattoo removal.  Essentially, the laser targets the ink and breaks it into tiny fragments.  Your immune system will naturally flush away the ink fragments after the process.  Leading experts in removal therapy note that laser tattoo removal technology has advanced to the point where there is minimal risk of scarring, however it is only as effective if you choose a clinician with a track record of success.  As with all tools, the person wielding it will directly determine the quality of your results.  Maurice Adatto (Dermatology Department, University Hospital Geneva and Skinpulse Dermatology Centre – Switzerland) notes in Volume 19 of Medical Laser Application that within the last 10 years, laser systems have been made available which leave minimal if any damage.

Overall, the technology behind laser tattoo removal is been dancing much faster than any other alternative treatment.  As a result, you will likely be more satisfied utilizing laser tattoo removal in terms of both effectiveness, limiting scarring, and overall cost.  As with any cosmetic procedure, finding the right tattoo removal expert is just as important as the method you use.

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