Laser skin tightening is best for younger looking skin

The sagging skin you develop as you age on your face, stomach, arms and thighs can be very distressing to not only, but to everyone. Once upon a time, you could only resort to plastic surgery procedures like a face lift or tummy tuck to rectify the problem.

However advancements in science and medicine has lead to the development of non-surgical skin tightening options like laser skin tightening. This is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure where infrared light source is used to tighten your skin.

This infrared laser heats the collagen under the skin surface to help tighten your skin. You will experience immediate results while tightening facial skin, without any downtime. This is why this is today the most popular option used for tightening facial skin. Depending on the amount and extent of skin sagging, you may have to undergo two or three additional skin treatments in the next few months, each a month apart.

Long lasting results
During laser skin tightening, the frequency of the infrared laser is set to wave through your skin’s middle layer or dermis. This is a relatively easy treatment option, which you have to get ready for by avoiding sunlight for three to four weeks. This is best done using a sun cream of at least 25+, which should be applied before and after your skin tightening treatment.

Though there is no need of undergoing any surgery like a tummy tuck for laser skin tightening, its results don’t fade away so quickly. You can easily enjoy the effects of tightened skin for a few months to a year, depending on your skin type and texture.

The cost of laser tightening of the skin is not fixed as it depends on how much of skin tightening you require, and the amount of skin to be tightened, and of course, the type of laser that is used for the procedure. However, no matter how much of skin tightening you require, it is less expensive than other invasive surgical skin tightening options.

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