Laser tattoo removal—not so bad as all that.

Tattoos are well established in pop culture.  However, some people opt for laser tattoo removal after the ink and the novelty have faded.  Even so, a few balk at enduring the pain they imagine must accompany the procedure.

“How bad is the pain” is a question that is difficult to answer.  Generally, people have differing pain tolerance levels. Moreover, the discomfort associated with tattoo removal depends on the experience of the person performing the procedure.  Discomfort levels are directly correlated to the skill and experience of the technician.  A well-trained, knowledgeable technician practices techniques which guarantee as little discomfort as possible.

Tattoos: everything is relative

It can be said that the discomfort experienced during tattoo removal is somewhat akin to the pain suffered when it was originally embedded, although far less intense.  Some claim that it feels like getting snapped with a rubber band repeatedly. Others say the discomfort is similar to pin pricks against skin that is exposed to the sun.  Still others describe the discomfort as scraping sunburned skin. However, few complain of any worse experiences. Ultimately, the discomfort is transient, easily bearable, and well worth what is suffered to reach the ultimate outcome.

Good medspas maximize relief

To realize the discomfort level of laser tattoo removal in Houston, one has to first understand the process. The cooler the temperature, the slower blood moves through the circulatory system. Nerve conduction is also decreased.  This in turn slows and reduces the intensity of the pain response. Making use of this normal bodily function helps reduce the irritation resultant to laser tattoo removal.

Numbing the skin by an anesthetic cream before laser tattoo removal is common.  Other medspas reduce skin temperature by keeping a low room temperature.  Quality Houston med spas use the finest laser tattoo removal systems, which incorporate a device that blows cold air directly on the skin at the tattoo site. This effectively provides spot relief from pain during the procedure.

Should discomfort persist after tattoo removed by laser, over-the-counter analgesics provide ample relief. However, consult the tattoo removal specialist for recommendations, as some products may interfere with both the tattoo removal and the healing process.


Houston medspa Clinic uses the latest laser technology for minimum discomfort and maximum efficiency in laser tattoo removal.  This reduces the number of sessions and thus the extent of the  pain. Their tattoo removal experts ensure their clients have as comfortable an experience as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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