What It Means to Choose a Board-Certified Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a life-altering decision. Once you’ve decided on a course of action, it’s important to select a doctor who can give you the best possible results. Board-certified surgeons have achieved the highest level of training and certification in their field. These doctors are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional care and consultation to patients, making them the clear choice for anyone planning on having plastic surgery.


The process of becoming a board-certified surgeon is rigorous. Doctors must complete several years of full-time residency training. Plastic surgery residencies take six years to complete, on top of the four required for medical school completion. Likewise, some doctors even have multiple board certifications. Dr. Mark A. Schusterman is Board Certified in both Plastic Surgery and General Surgery. If a doctor is board-certified, the designation should be featured prominently and in conjunction with their experience and educational attainment. Of course, you can also check the American Board of Medical Specialties database to find out if your physician is board-certified and up to date on any relevant re-certification requirements.

Non Board-Certified

While all doctors must be licensed to practice medicine in their respective states, not all doctors are board-certified. Many patients do not realize this and may turn to less reputable sources for information about doctors. Some are even using social media, as a growing number of medical personnel are using it to promote their services. Medicine, and in particular plastic surgery, is not a popularity contest. But as the demand for plastic surgery has increased, so too has the number of non-certified physicians claiming to be qualified to perform plastic surgery. Going to a board-certified surgeon doesn’t guarantee the competence of your doctor, but going to a surgeon who is not board-certified, does, in fact, mean that your doctor has failed to meet the standards set by the medical community. In addition, non-board-certified physicians typically lack hospital privileges, which means they are unable to perform surgery in a hospital, run certain medical tests or even admit patients.

Risks and Complications

Surgery is a serious medical procedure. As a result, complications can and sometimes do arise at the surgical table. If your doctor is board-certified, he has the training and hospital privileges necessary to successfully manage any issues that may arise. You can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the best possible treatment and care during your operation. If your doctor is not board-certified, you are literally putting your life and well-being in the hands of someone less qualified and less experienced. Likewise, board-certified doctors are often required to take part in ongoing professional development programs, whereas non-certified doctors are not held to this standard. In addition, a demonstrated lifelong commitment to learning is the type of quality that makes for a great physician. Given the seriousness of plastic surgery, it is vital that your doctor has all the necessary skills and training to provide you with the best possible outcome.


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