Nipple Reduction Surgery – How to Make Areola Smaller

Nipple And Areola Reduction, Procedure and Costs

One of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery performed around the world is nipple reduction. Women and even men, who wish to change the aesthetic appearance of their breasts can now do so, thanks to many modern advances in technology.

If you are considering nipple or areola reduction, here’s what you need to know:

What is areola reduction?

Nipple and areola reduction are surgeries that can be safely performed to decrease the size of your nipples. It is considered a relatively safe operation with little side effects and hardly any risk of complications.

During a nipple reduction, the surgeon makes tiny incisions and removes excess tissue. The result is balanced and aesthetically attractive breasts. While the majority of patients are women, men are increasingly availing of this cosmetic surgery.

During areola reduction, the quantity of dark pigmentation of your nipple is reduced, creating a lighter, more youthful effect.

Who needs nipple reduction surgery?

Usually, people ask plastic surgeons to perform a breast reduction if they feel that their nipples and breasts are disproportionate or oversized. Sometimes, due to weight gain or even weight loss, the nipples become stretched and look disfigured.

Anyone who wants to gain more self-confidence or would like to change the size of their nipples can undergo reduction surgery, provided they are not experiencing any other type of health issues simultaneously.

Breastfeeding mothers should wait until their child is weaned from the breast to perform surgery. Also, it is recommended to quit smoking and drinking heavy alcohol about six weeks before your scheduled surgery.

If you have any of the following, you could consider getting this cosmetic procedure done:

  • misshapen areolae or nipples
  • overly protruding nipples
  • mismatched or asymmetrical areola or nipples
  • abnormal areola
  • puffy nipples that appear swollen
  • saggy and droopy nipples

Whatever the reason you choose to undergo breast reduction, it is essential to read the following so that you can have realistic expectations of the procedure and results. Keep an open and positive mind, and your breast augmentation will be a good experience.

How to choose a surgeon for your nipple reduction surgery

Always verify the professionalism, expertise and safety credentials of your plastic surgeon. Speak with others who have paid for their services before. Read reviews either online or from friends and colleagues.

Before you commit to a procedure, ensure that your doctor has the proper certification (always board-certified; look for AAAASF, AAAHC, and JCAHO certification) and is giving you a good plastic surgery payment plan.

The importance of a consultation

You can and should always schedule a call or in-person consultation to get to know your surgeon better. Study their patient before and after pictures to understand their work.

You should explicitly ask for pictures or nipple and areola reduction so that you can have an idea of what to expect, and the changes your body may undergo. Visit the facility where the operation takes place, and find out how high their standards of quality are.

Your consultation is a chance for you to express any concerns you may have and find out about anesthesia options, after-care procedures and any risks involved, plus the total cost and expense.

How does areola reduction surgery work?

Before the surgery, your surgeon will mark the area for reduction. If you are just undergoing nipple reduction, they will either remove excess breast tissue or perform a technique which involves telescoping the excess nipple back into the breast to reduce its size.

With areola reduction surgery, the amount of darkly pigmented skin surrounding your nipple decreases. To achieve this, your surgeon will remove a bit of the outer circumference of the areola. Your nipple, however, stays completely intact.

Are there any areola reduction scars?

Because of the stitches required after this surgery, there may be some slight scarring. These may fade with time, but there is no guarantee that they will eventually be completely invisible.

How much does areola reduction cost?

Of course, each hospital and surgeon may have varying fees depending on a number of factors. But on average, you can expect to pay $1,000-$5,000 for the surgeon’s fee when having a nipple reduction procedure.

Besides this surgeon’s fee, there will be other costs to pay, which include services for anesthesia, facility fees and follow-up consultations. You could also ask about options for a package program that provides for other cosmetic surgeries at the same time (for example, breast lift) and save on costs.

After Your Surgery: Healing and Recovery

Give your body adequate time to heal. Wear support such as a sports bra or surgical support in the weeks following, and refrain from heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. You should wait to have sex until you have had your follow-up consultation and removed any stitches. The follow-up can be up to ten days after the surgery.

Get lots of rest and ensure that you can take time off from work during this recovery period, if necessary.

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