Obagi blue peel for complete skin rejuvenation

Obagi blue peel is a Houston skin resurfacing procedure that is conducted with CO2 laser or microdermabrasion. It consists applying a blue solution mixed with TCA or trichloroacetic acid to the face, chest, neck, arms, back and legs.

An Obagi blue peel helps replace thin layers of aged and damaged facial skin with healthier ones. This helps improve your skin clarity and tightness for effective skin rejuvenation.

Obagi blue peel is especially effective for people with blemish prone skin, sun damaged skin, pigmentation problems and wrinkles. However it is always better for pregnant women to consult their doctor before undergoing an Obagi blue peel.

Difference with other chemical peels

The difference between a blue peel and other chemical peeling procedures is that it uses TCA instead of glycolic acid for skin rejuvenation. This lets your Houston cosmetic surgeon control both the peel process and its depth based on the problem it corrects like wrinkles, skin laxity, scars and pigmentation problem.

Obagi blue peel is completely safe as it peels the skin in a controlled manner, without damaging the skin. Moreover, there is no chance of any internal toxic effects as TCA does not get absorbed by the skin.

The procedure

Your Houston cosmetic surgeon will decide how many peels are required to get the desired effect. Based on your skin condition, your doctor will apply 1-4 coats of the peel to get desired results.

On an average, the procedure takes only 25 to 30 minutes to do, and can thus even be performed during your lunch hour. Though sedation is not usually required for an Obagi blue peel, if your doctor suggests you get sedated, it is better to have someone drive you home after the peel.

Be ready for some mild burning sensation that lasts for 2-3 minutes during each level of application. Some doctors use fans to minimize this sensation. There will be a bluish tint on your face for about 12 to 24 hours which peels off within 2-3 days time. The skin then heels within 7 to 10 days time, without disrupting your regular lifestyle.

Obagi blue peels should never be done yourself as it is a medical procedure that has to be performed by a Houston cosmetic surgeon or trained specialists. The peel should be performed once a month untill the desired condition is achieved. In case of hyper pigmentation and deep scars, your doctor may suggest deeper peels and other treatment modalities.

It is better not to apply any makeup for a week to ten days after the Obagi blue peel, or untill the skin completely peels off.


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