Plastic Surgery Financing Options

People choose plastic surgery for many reasons – such as enhancing a flat chest with a breast augmentation or getting liposuction to tweak that tummy in which exercise cannot budge. Each patient and every cosmetic surgery is different. Arranging a private consultation with an experienced surgeon gives you the information that you need to make a decision on proceeding. This includes discussing how the procedure is completed, whether that is liposuctionbreast augmentation or even breast reduction.

Many variables apply to each particular cosmetic surgery procedure. For instance, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy might be funded by your medical insurance, and liposuction charges depend on the amount of fat removed. Still, even if breast implants or other procedures cost more than you have on hand, it is still possible for you to move forward. Here are several plastic surgery financing options available to people with various financial backgrounds.

Standard Credit Cards

We accept almost all major credit cards, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you have an existing low or zero percent credit card, it would be optimal for this use.

Alpheon Credit

Alpheon Credit offers a medical credit card with a wide range of monthly payment options to help you move forward with that rhinoplasty or breast augmentation that will make you look and feel your best. Because it is designed specifically for medical needs, you might find its flexible terms better than standard credit cards.

United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit is a popular option for secure and discreet payment plans for liposuction or breast reduction operations, as well as dental, vision and other medical needs. There are no minimum requirements to apply, and the company prides itself on its ability to help nearly every patient, even those with credit challenges.

Care Credit

Care Credit is one of the most familiar names in medical financing, which we proudly accept. Exclusively for health care services, you can use your card again if you choose to have additional procedures, without reapplying. CareCredit typically offers instant approvals and no-interest promotions which can last up to several years as well as low minimum monthly payments to those who qualify for this type of plastic surgery financing.

A Personal Loan From Your Bank

Taking a loan from your bank can be a good option; typically, there is a fixed interest rate and that can be lower if you offer collateral. This type of loan can give your credit score a boost as well.

Personal Loans From Family or Friends

Borrowing from family and friends can be an affordable option. Just be sure you can make the payments, so you don’t ruin a relationship over money.

Home Equity

Equity in your home can easily turn into cash for your medical needs. A loan or line of credit based on your home’s equity offers you low-interest rates based on current mortgage rates, and the interest that you pay is tax-deductible.


Most 401K plans allow participants to borrow a portion of the vested funds in their accounts. Loans are paid back through payroll deductions, and you actually pay interest to yourself.

Brokered Medical Loans

These unsecured loans are typically negotiated through a medical loan broker. They come in the form of personal loans, and low credit scores do not disqualify you. While rates are a bit higher, they allow you to get your cosmetic surgery done now.

Gift Funds

Gift certificates are available, or you can set up a gift fund like GoFundMe or SmartyPig if you are OK with openly discussing your pending procedure.

The best advice we can offer about financing for cosmetic surgery, whether breast augmentation, liposuction or a facelift, is to shop around for the best terms and conditions, and always read the fine print. Chances are, there is a good option for you to make your dream a reality!

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