Spider vein treatment to treat spider veins

Spider vein treatment is something more than half women look for as this many women are bothered by this common cosmetic problem of spider veins. It is your Houston cosmetic surgeon who will be able to help you eliminate your spider veins and improve your appearance using safe and relatively painless treatment methods.

Spider veins are quite noticeable in some women in their early 20s. However in some people, the veins are not obvious till the age of 40. Men too suffer from spider veins, but they are not that obvious as they are concealed by the hair growth on legs.

There are various factors that lead to spider veins like heredity, hormonal changes, weight gain, pregnancy and occupations involving prolong sitting and standing. If you are considering undergoing Houston spider vein treatment, you have to realize that this is a highly individualized procedure.

An outpatient procedure

Sclerotherapy is conducted as an outpatient procedure, and does not require any anesthesia. To get best results, you may have to undergo two or more sessions that each span less than an hour.
You are considered a right candidate for spider vein treatment Houston or sclerotherapy if you suffer from spider veins anywhere on your body. You also need to have a positive outlook with realistic goals after the treatment. Of course, for successful spider vein treatment, you have to follow your Houston cosmetic surgeon’s course of treatment too.

During sclerotherapy, a sclerosing solution is injected into the affected vein to induce vein collapse and to make it fade from view. On an average, a patient is given an injection for each inch of spider vein that has to be treated.

Bright light and magnification

The Houston cosmetic surgeon may use a bright light and magnification, and hold the skin taut while injecting the sclerosing solution for accuracy and precision. A cotton ball and compression tape is applied to the injection site once each injection is finished.

Spider vein treatment is a delicate and treatment option. You have to make the final decision about taking it based on its risks, complications and benefits after discussing all this with your Houston cosmetic surgeon.


The cosmetic surgeons in Houston are expert in treating spider veins. Using the best varicose veins treatment Houston available, Houston cosmetic surgeons can treat and solve your problem while providing customer satisfaction and desired results.

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