Tips to prepare for a Botox treatment

So you are thinking of looking years younger using the help of Botox treatment. Once this is done, the next thing that crops to mind is to prepare yourself for the Botox treatment. Basically, as this treatment is rather quick and uncomplicated, the only preparation you require for yourself is to get informed about the procedure.

The first thing you have to do as preparation for your Botox treatment is to find the right Houston cosmetic surgeon for the procedure. The best way to do this is to get free consultations with perspective Houston cosmetic surgeons.

Clear all doubts

During this consultation, you have to make yourself comfortable with the specialist by filling out the patient information and other related forms and meet the person who will be administering the Botox treatment to you.

Find out the cost of the procedure, and the specific expectations from the procedure. You could also prepare a list of questions to ask the Houston cosmetic surgeon to clear any doubts you have about the treatment.

Popular doubts most patients want to be cleared are ensuring the surgeon is licensed to give Botox treatment, the number of Botox treatments they require to look young and the best procedure to use to get the results they are looking for.

Be ready for minor complications

Some people also look out for promotions going on or expected in the future that may benefit them while most people also request for a description of what the procedure day will be like. Once all your doubts are cleared, you can set up an appointment for your procedure with your Houston cosmetic surgeon.

Like any other surgical procedure, though Botox is a safe, simple and quick procedure, it does have its share of risks and complications. So be ready for some temporary pain, headache or nausea by keeping a painkiller ready. There is also a chance of experiencing some slight redness or bruising at the site of injection.
So if you have sensitive skin, have an ice pack handy and even ice your face before and after the Botox treatment. Despite these minor risks, Botox treatments are quite popular amongst Houston cosmetic surgeons as it is one of the most safest injectables in the market where its benefits outweigh the risks.

The day of the procedure

You will have to sit in a reclining chair, like a dentist’s chair for the Houston cosmetic surgeon to administer the Botox treatment. As the doctor administering the treatment knows what you are looking for, he or she will accordingly instruct you to contract specific muscles to mark the injection locations.

While you will not be given any anesthetic at this point, the doctor may numb the site slightly before the treatment. All it takes is ten minutes to give a Botox treatment, after which you will be able to return to your everyday activities.

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