Top 2017 Plastic Surgery Trends

The plastic surgery trends we have seen dominate the showbiz world in 2017 are definitely the ones that look more natural. Many celebrities like to keep fans updated and abreast of their lives and what is going on in their world—from a distance, of course! And so those who have their faces and bodies plastered all over everyone’s screens have to be more subtle about the instant body changes they undergo. At the same time, these types of treatments and trends are also becoming more accepted.

1. Twilight Tweakments

This cosmetic surgery trend has become increasingly popular. Known as Twilight Tweakments, it is the case where a person can simply walk in and then walk out within a few hours. There is a reduced time of operation, and, typically, a simple local anesthetic is used. When celebrities or even “normal” people do not have a lot of time on their hands for a major operation, these procedures are a good choice. We also see a lot of even more swift recoveries, and the end result looks more natural.

Consultant Dan Marsh of TPSG, said: “Of all the surgeries I carried out in 2016, fewer than 10 per cent of the patients stayed overnight in hospital following their surgery. This is a paradigm shift from the old days and has huge benefits in terms of patient safety, comfort and recovery.”

2. Breast Augmentations

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. The 2017 trend for adjusting breast sizes goes along with the natural trends we are seeing a lot. In the Instagram age, where wellness and fitness are also a big deal, many Hollywood stars choose to show off a more positive body image in order to gain a bigger crowd following.

And those particular fans are desiring a lean, fit look. Not necessarily flat-chested, but not oversized breasts, either. Another group of women who are going for more breast augmentation this year are those who have given birth and want to regain and restore their breasts to their pre-baby look. This isn’t the big breasted look that they were used to carrying around while pregnant and nursing. These women want to be more comfortable with their lifestyles, so are seeking to reduce and even minimize enhancements.

3. Subtle Enhancements

We talked above about how celebrities who need to keep their following go for undetectable implants. 2017 sees more of those stars take a different approach to breast enhancements, with many going under the knife to stay relatively small but retain their roundness.

4. Breasts by Design

More people this year have access to online research materials and are better able to make educated choices when it comes to plastic surgery. No longer do folks have to rely solely on the choices of their doctors and plastic surgeons. Indeed, many actually enjoy the process of “designing” their own bodies and the enhancements needed to make them as perfect as they wish. There is more information these days about both the pros and cons of plastic surgery, and people can now feel free to decide their own beauty standards.

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