Try Perlane to look years younger

No one is ever happy with the formation of wrinkles on their face and body. So there are today quite a few products available in the market they can use to control and cure these wrinkles. One such product is the FDA approved dermal filler, Perlane injections in Houston.

Perlane basically works at filling and folds. This is made possible with the injection of the hyaluronic acid gel particles in Perlane, which help in not only adding volumedeep facial wrinkles to the skin, but also helps in smoothening wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural substance found in the human body. Its molecules, called hydrophilic molecules, tend to attract and bind with water molecules to give a Perlane a 6 month span of remaining effective in retaining skin volume and elastic strength.

Difference between Perlane and other fillers

The difference between Perlane treatment and most other dermal fillers is that it contains larger hyaluronic gel particles that effectively fill finer lines and wrinkles like the nasolabial and forehead lines. Perlane also effectively enhances thin lips and improves facial scarring without any numbness.

Ultra fine needles are used for injecting Perlane hyaluronic gel. If required, anesthetic creams or nerve block may be used before injection for comfort purposes. On an average, a patient requires less than a tablespoon of Perlane in a full treatment session to correct wrinkles around the mouth. All it takes is less than an hour to superficially inject Perlane under your skin.

Side effects

Redness and swelling are the most common side effects of using Perlane. However they are usually mild, and disappear within a few days‚ time. It is always better and safer to have your Perlane treatment done at a licensed practitioner, where there is a reduced chance of any side effects.

Perlane dissolves fastest in the parts of the body that has frequent muscle movement. On an average, a person needs a follow-up treatment of Perlane every 6 months and has to avoid exposure to excessive sunlight or UV lamps if there is any redness and swelling on the skin after the treatment.

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