Just What is a Brazilian Butt Lift Anyway?

Butts are in! In fact, today the bigger the butt the better. When Kim Kardashian’s big butt can make headlines not once, but over and over again, it’s safe to assume we love butts.
But do you love your butt? Maybe there was a time when you used to like in your butt, when the shape looked perfect in everything you wore wayyyy back in your twenties before you had kids. Perhaps you’re still in your twenties and your butt is flatter than a pancake and you want it to be rounder.
That’s where a Brazilian Butt Lift comes in. If you’ve ever wondered what this is, you’ve come to right place. Also known as buttock augmentation, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a process that uses fat liposuctioned from your own body to naturally reshape your buttocks, increasing roundness and projection.

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • Aside from the aseptic appeal of having a nicely shaped and fuller butt, you will also see that your figure is more balanced.
  • Increased self-esteem. If you don’t like the way your butt looks in a bathing suit, a pair of jeans, shorts, or your underwear, imagine how you’ll feel about it after getting a Brazilian Butt Lift? You will love your butt no matter what you’re wearing — or not wearing.
  • Did you know that a Brazilian Butt Lift can be customized? That’s right. You will sit down and talk with your surgeon about exactly how you want your butt to look. The surgeon will make professional recommendations and together you will come up with the perfect look for you.
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts last a long time, mainly because you are using fat from your own body. This also make the procedure much safer (and natural looking) than implants which use synthetic materials.
  • Getting a Brazilian butt lift keeps you motivated from gaining weight. The truth is, however, that you shouldn’t lose weight either. Five pounds here and there is ok, but don’t gain or lose a substantial amount of weight.

If you are interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, you will want to work with a surgeon who has extensive experience with Butt Lifts and who can show you proven before and after results.

Dr. Mark A. Schusterman, MD, FACS is a trusted, experienced surgeon who, along with his expert staff, will help you come up with the perfect plan for the Brazilian Butt Lift of your dreams. At this point, we’re sure you have some questions so feel free to give us a call at 713-794-0368 and our friendly staff will answer all of your questions.

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