Women Everywhere Say Breast Surgery is Worth It

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery all types of breast surgery have become increasingly popular over the past five years.  The number of breast augmentations in the United States has nearly tripled during that time.  Breast reduction surgeries have increased 136 percent and breast lifts have increased by more than 525 percent over the past five years as well.  If you are considering some form of breast surgery, you may be wondering why it has become increasingly popular and what the benefits may be.  The reasons for choosing breast surgery vary from person to person however there is no doubt that women everywhere are saying it is definitely a worthwhile procedure.

More Than 85 Percent of Women Who Have Had a Breast Augmentation Wouldn’t Change a Thing

The belief that getting breast implants is solely a practice of vanity is finally beginning to dissipate.  The truth is there are a number of physical and psychological benefits breast implant surgery can provide.  There have been a number of studies which report women who get breast implants experience a significant increase in self-confidence following the procedure.  With improved self-confidence comes improved self-esteem.  This is likely a significant reason that most women who undergo Houston breast augmentation procedures report being highly satisfied and have no regrets.

In a recent survey it was also reported that breast implants can improve a woman’s sex life.  Following the procedure, 61 percent of women reported an increase in frequency and more than 70 percent stated an overall increase in satisfaction.  In many circles, this is not surprising news.  People who are more self-confident and have higher self-esteem tend to report much higher satisfaction levels with their sex life.

More Than 95 Percent of Women Who Have Had a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Have No Regrets

There are a growing number of reasons you may consider getting a breast lift or breast reduction.  Houston breast lifts have become particularly popular with women who have gained and then lost weight, have naturally larger breasts, or are beginning to experience sagging due to age and gravity.

The most common complaints of women before having a breast lift or breast reduction in Houston include chafing, significant back pain, constant shoulder pain, and neck pain.  Other reasons for a breast lift or breast reduction include the inability to consistently find a comfortable bra, inability to wear certain styles of clothing, and difficulty finding comfortable, flattering swimwear.  Not only are most women more than satisfied with the results, breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction ratings for all types of cosmetic surgery.

The Simple Reason Breast Surgery Has Such High Satisfaction Levels

While breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lifts are all types of cosmetic surgery, they also address real physical and mental issues.  The fundamental reason most women opt for this type of surgery is because they are unsatisfied with their body.  You may want to get a breast implant because you are unhappy with your body which lowers your self-confidence or you may want to get a breast reduction in order to eliminate daily back pain and chafing.  Whatever your specific situation may be, the fundamental reason breast surgery consistently has high satisfaction levels is because it will make you happier and more comfortable. If you are interested in learning more about breast surgery options, contact Houston Breast Surgery expert Dr. Mark Schusterman.

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