3 Myths About Houston Eyelid Blepharoplasty Explained

The eyes are the first facial features that show signs of aging, as early as early 30s. So to look younger and reverse eyelid aging features, opt to undergo an eyelid surgery in Houston.

In a Houston eyelid blepharoplasty, the excess skin from the upper eyelid is removed (called an upper blepharoplasty) and puffiness and bags are removed from the lower eyelid during lower blepharoplasty. However not everyone knows what these operations can and cannot do, so here is some information on the myths and facts of an eyelid lift.

Myth no. 1: Eyelid blepharoplasty helps remove crow’s feet.

Fact: This is not true as crow’s feet develop with the repeated movement and contraction of eyelid muscles surrounding eyes and upper cheek. Over time these lines become permanent. While blepharoplasty helps in removing fat in bags and tightens eyelid skin, the muscles that cause crows feet are not affected. Botox is a better alternative to remove crow’s feet.

Myth no. 2: Eyelid tuck helps remove wrinkled and aged skin called “crepiness”.

Fact: This is not true as an eyelid tuck only helps in tightening the lower eyelid skin, but leaves it still looking old and damaged. To remove this wrinkled, aged skin, you can undergo a LaserLyte Peel during the eyelid lift to resurface the lower eyelid skin and look young.

Myth no. 3: Houston eyelid blepharoplasty is permanent.

Fact: It is not possible to say if this is true or false as the results of the eyelid lift depends on the patient. Eyelifts will not stop eyes from aging. However its results are long lasting where the upper eyelid surgery can last from 5-7 years to a lifetime. The lower eyelid surgery however seldom needs to be done more than once.

So taking a look at these myths and facts of blepharoplasty, you can tell that though the surgical procedure cannot stop you from aging, it has long lasting results. Your Houston plastic surgeon is a better person to consult to get any doubts or apprehensions about the procedure removed before undergoing the surgery.


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