Lip enhancement Houston for younger and full lips

Lip injections Houston is resorted to by both men and women who have thin lips and by people who want to get back the shape and lip fullness they had when they were younger. Lip augmentation is a surgical procedure that treats either the lower or upper lip or both the lips at the same time.

Houston cosmetic surgeons perform lip enhancement by inserting natural or synthetic materials to the lips or by bringing tissue from the inside of the lip to the outside. Depending on the surgical procedure used, the procedure can be permanent or only give temporary results.

The easiest and fastest form of lip augmentation is with injections. Here, your surgeon fills up the lip using a soft substance like collagen and fat so that a fuller appearance is created in the lips.

The collagen used in lip enhancement Houston is the collagen found in cow skin and is used to temporarily augment lips. However though purified collagen is used, it may cause allergic reactions in some people. This is why your doctor performs a sensitivity test before injecting these injections.

Small needles are used for injecting collagen and as the body slowly absorbs collagen, results last between one or three months. Your doctor may then repeat the procedure as and when required.

Fat injections

In some cases, the Houston cosmetic surgeon may inject fat injections in the lips using small needles. Your doctor uses fat from another part of your body like the abdomen or thighs, which is purified before injection.

The advantage of using fat fillers for lip augmentation is that there is no possibility of any allergic reactions occurring. However as in collagen injections, results are temporary here too and the injection has to be repeated more than once to get results.

Other alternatives

Sometimes, the doctor may inject Artecoll that helps augment the natural tissue and give long lasting results. Artecoll is composed of tiny synthetic beads that remain in the lips and raise them.

Autologen is collagen that is extracted from the patient’s skin and is used for lip augmentation. This injection gives longer lasting results and has no risk of allergic reactions.

Dermalogen is extracted from a human donor’s skin and inserted into the lip like collagen. This material is however screened before injection to prevent any spread of disease. The effects of this injection is however temporary and similar to the effects of collagen injections.

Your cosmetic surgeon will decide which filler to use for your Houston lip enhancement procedure based on your budget, lip enhancement needs and your skin sensitivity.


The cosmetic surgeons in Houston are expert in providing full and sexy lips with the help of lip augmentation or Houston lip enhancement. Whatever the body type and the anticipated procedure, the breast experts at produce customer satisfaction and desired results.

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