3 Ways You Can Benefit from Nose Surgery

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) has become increasingly popular.  Every year, millions of people undergo some type of procedure in order to improve the way that their nose looks and functions.  Even if you are completely happy with the way your nose looks, there are some additional health benefits you may be able to gain.  While the overall benefits continue to grow in number, they all fall into three basic categories depending upon what is done during the surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery can alter several different aspects of your nose.  It can alter your nose size so that it is more proportional to the rest of your facial structures, alterations can be made at the bridge which can change the width of your nose and your nose profile.  Nose surgery can also alter the nasal tip, size of the nostrils, and address any asymmetry that may exist.

Aesthetic Benefits of Nose Surgery

Almost everyone thinks that there is at least one major flaw in the way their face looks.  For many of them it is their nose.  The aesthetic benefits of rhinoplasty surgery all boil down to being happy with the way your nose looks in proportion to the rest of your face.  Some of the most popular procedures focus on facial symmetry.  This means that there are a variety of alterations which may be undertaken.

If symmetry is not your primary concern, the next most common procedure is to address the overall size of the nose.  Your nose is uniquely shaped compared to the rest of your face.  As a result, reducing the width of your nose even by the smallest margins can have a significant impact on how well it complements the rest of your face.  Along with addressing proper proportions from a face-to-face point of view, there are also a number of changes which improve the overall shape from a silhouette perspective.  This normally includes altering any humps or bumps on the bridge as well as shaping the tip of the nose.

Health Benefits of Nose Surgery

Along with the aesthetic benefits of nose surgery, there are a growing number of health benefits as well.  In fact, if you require rhinoplasty surgery for a specific health-related reason your insurance may actually cover the costs associated with the entire treatment.

The most common health benefit associated with nose surgery is improving difficulties with breathing.  This is primarily accomplished by opening nasal passages which are too narrow or correcting structural abnormalities which can be caused by previous injuries or birth defects.  Nose surgery has also become a popular solution for certain allergy related issues.  It is important to always discuss the opportunity for allergy related health benefits with your plastic surgeon because it will often require additional surgery on your sinus cavities.  Some plastic surgeons are able to do this while others will work in conjunction with another specialized surgeon.

Mental Health Benefits of Nose Surgery

The final group of benefits fall under the spectrum of mental health.  If you are extremely unhappy with your nose, it can lead to a variety of issues including enhanced the social awareness, awkwardness, and even depression.  Undertaking rhinoplasty surgery is not a vain attempt to simply look better, but rather a proactive step towards feeling better and more confident about your body.

While nose surgery is not something that everyone will need, it can prove to be especially valuable to anyone who is not happy with their nose or those who could gain specific health-related benefits.  It will not only help you look great, improve breathing, and help you feel better, it provides you with an opportunity to make a small change that provides huge benefits.

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