Great Skin is Only 60 Days Away with Laser360

One of the biggest problems many people have when choosing a skin treatment is deciding what type of procedure will give them the best results.  Laser360 provide you with a unique opportunity to leverage three different technologies in order to gain complete skin rejuvenation.  Most technologies focus only on achieving one or two specific goals.

Laser360 utilizes multiple technologies in order to provide a holistic solution that addresses all of the most common skin related problems.  The full treatment will last 60 days and utilize all three technologies for optimum results.  The best part is you can easily get a customized solution in order to provide your skin with exactly what it needs to look its best.

The 3 Laser360 Technologies

  1. AFT Intense Pulsed Light

AFT intense pulsed light treatments have been around for some time.  They have been proven effective for evening out the tone of your skin and reducing the appearance of small broken blood vessels.  It can address a number of other skin tone and color irregularities as well.

  1. Near Infrared Laser Therapy

This technology utilizes a deep heating strategy which will improve your skin laxity.  By firming up your skin, you can immediately regain a more youthful appearance and more defined facial contours.

  1. Pixel Laser Therapy

The final technology is a pixel laser therapy.  Utilizing a precision laser, this technology creates thousands of microscopic perforations or tears in your skin.  By doing this in a targeted area, new collagen growth is stimulated by the healthy surrounding cells.  This leverages your body’s natural healing response mechanism and amplifies its effects.

Does Laser360 Really Work?

Currently, the Laser360 Harmony System has already been cleared by the FDA to be used in more than 60 applications, both the static and medical.  This includes improving your skin color, reducing or eliminating wrinkles, and developing a smooth firm skin texture.  The best part is that this can all be accomplished in 60 days.  Each individual laser treatment will last only a few minutes.  The overall amount of time each session takes will be largely based on your specific treatment regime.  This will also affect how long you need to wait between treatments.

Laser360 vs. Popular Alternatives

There are three popular skin rejuvenation alternatives which addresses the same issues that Laser360 was designed to treat.  One of the most popular options is to use in-home creams and lotions to develop healthier skin.  The problem is that they tend to only provide a small level of improvement compared to the Laser360 program.  Additionally, the results of using creams and lotions are short-lived.

Another popular alternative is other laser and light-based procedures.  While many of them do work well, they tend to only focus on one component of skin rejuvenation.  Additionally, some of them have been known to be fairly painful and may require a significant down time.  Plus, many of these treatments are not suitable for all skin types.

The final popular alternative is to simply get some type of surgery.  While this may be recommended for extreme cases, it is considerably more risky than any noninvasive technique.  By combining all three technologies, Laser360 is able to provide maximum results with no discomfort, no downtime, and it is a 100 percent noninvasive procedure.

Before making your final decision about whether or not Laser360 is right for you, make sure you contact your favorite clinician and discuss how this solution can be specifically customized to provide you with the best results possible.

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